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  1. Hello. I'm looking for some advice please. I can see that there are several posts regarding RLP but I didn't see any with minors and a search brings up hundreds of posts:!:. My 17 year old daughter and her friend were caught shoplifting in a large well known store. The friend ran off but my daughter went to court last month. She has since received a letter from RLP saying that "their client" wants a three figure amount as a contribution towards losses. The letter spans two pages plus another two with questions and answers. It states that the money requested covers a "substantial period" where the staff were disrupted by "vigilantly observing all actions and apprehending, detaining and interviewing everyone in relation to the incident" Which i thought was the security guards job... Also the contribution () is "to follow all recording, reporting and back office procedures in relation to and the other individuals actions and the goods involved" Not sure I understand that at all... And finally "time taken in advising police and crime partnerships in relation to the incident for the detection and prevention of crime. The incident also gives rise to administration costs and maintaining systems to deal with this incident." When I first read the letter I thought they couldn't do anything as it had already been to court and had been dealt with but I rang the solicitors that my daughter had used this morning to double check. They were concerned and asked me to go in as soon as I could. They arranged an appointment for this afternoon and told me to also look at the CAB website or phone them. I rang them and they told me that they couldn't advise me and I needed to go to a solicitor. The solicitor read through the letter and told me that we need to respond to it asap. She said we needed to explain that we had sought legal advice but that we needed more time as Christmas is approaching. She said she could then look into how to defend it. I queried the cost at this point and she didn't reply but said as it's a civil matter we couldn't get legal aid. She said if I wanted to cut the cost I could call RLP myself and she also said to tell them that my daughter has no income and would not be able to pay any amount and this would leave us, her parents, having to pay (which the way the letter reads, they wouldn't care about either way as long as they got the money.) She said as I left that she would contact me with further information but stated I should not ignore the letter or I will have bailiffs visit who she said aren't nice people. So, can anyone advise where we stand? From the posts I've read on here, I shouldn't respond but the solicitor is telling me I should respond quickly before the 21 day deadline. I forgot to add that the solicitor also said that if we don't pay any amount we were likely to incur fines and charges and also that my daughter would go to court again and receive a CCJ which would affect her credit rating.
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