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  1. debit cards also charge the maximmmum fare kingston accepted, guildford did not, i was charged
  2. Hey thanks for the reply It was a genuine mistake, i used to have a car and did little travel on the train. I sold my car before going abroad for work. I have spent the last 4 months away from the country, when the whole contactless craze came in, and this was my first time since being back in england that i have travelled outside of london. Because i was so used to the london system i made an assumption that everywhere had it. Obviously this was not the case. My train fare from kingston to guildford would have been 8.10, but my friend told me and i late
  3. I was travelling from kingston to guildford. In kingston you can tap in using your debit card, i didnt realise i couldnt use the same thing in guildford.
  4. Hey HB Yea I meant it's my contact less debit card so I assume it acts similarly to an oyster?
  5. Hi All, Many thanks for reading this entry, if anyone has any advice just to settle me that would be ideal. I sent an email to the south west train customer service desk before the letter arrived but haven't heard back as of yet. The events were as follows I had been travelling to xxx from xxx late afternoon and proceeded to tap my contactless card at the entrance gates to xxx train station. The gates opened and my card was logged. I proceeded to take the train towards xxx and upon my arrival, attempted to leave the station by tapping my card out, I was unable t
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