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  1. Thank you all for your replies - i think a polite letter is in order to ask them to define the reason for his dismissal and an explanation of any monies owed and due.
  2. I'm assuming she worked these shift via "the bank" in which case there will be a record somewhere. I would get in touch with the temporary staffing department and provide the evidence you have and explain the shifts worked and the dates and times. I don't believe they have no record. she will have been checked and booked and I suspect it has not been signed off and you are now in another financial accounting period making it a bit if a pain to trawl through
  3. my son got a job in a local call centre about 6 weeks ago At the time he was employed he was asked if he had any criminal convictions and he answered that he didn't (he was currently awaiting trial after he was involved in the most stupid of circumstances and had been advised by the arresting officer and his solicitor to only disclose when convicted, which has now happened) he was doing very well at this job and loving it - in fact he had won a series of company rewards only a week before best overall employee, best in team and most sales and was given a prize of an iPhone 6. He
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