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  1. Hi. Sorry for delay in posting. To update: result! I'm thrilled & relieved that I heard no more from Athena after receiving 3 letters. I nervously decided to ignore them, subsequently was glad I did. I really hope that a year on,information is clearer & legislation is fairer.
  2. Thank you to all who have given valued advice so far. I will get back on here with updates, if I may.
  3. Yes, have noted they state 'could' result in court proceedings etc. Ah, I see now what CoP means, sorry.
  4. Thank you for the advice. I'm going to urge my husband to use the above wording. Sorry, not too familiar with the anacronyms; BPA, guessing British Parking Association? CoP: Contract of Parking? ...no idea.
  5. To all : No, no appeals made. What is IAS? Does anyone have any experience or know of persons who have been further contacted by Athena, following no response/payment from the Final Demand letter please? Thanks
  6. Reply to Silverfox: First letter received: 'Parking Charge Issue Date': 28/10/2015 (I assume husband received letter a couple of days after, allowing for 2nd class post). Thank you, the Protection of Freedoms Act is a new one to me, and brings hope, but 'You never know' is concerning. The 'ignore' route is fraught with danger now
  7. In reply to Armadillo's advice, I did go to the Lidl store and spoke to the manager following rec of 2nd invoice (Dec 2015 approx) and enquire if he could assist/intervene and he said he couldn't but I could send my credit card statement & even try to find previous Lidl receipts & credit card statement proofs (didn't keep store receipt) to Athena explaining I was a regular customer. I chose not to at the time, and 'ignore'. He gave his name and I prob said I was driver in my explanation of events. So can I safely pursue this route now? Or would emailing Lidl in general be effective?
  8. Had a quick look at related posts, and see one from ericsbrother, that mentions a 15 minute code of practice overstay by the BPA (?) and that they obtained the Keeper's details illegally etc, etc. I cannot see on here any clear cut procedure and don't fancy acknowledging Athena as it puts us in the frame and seems like an admission of sorts. We thought that to ignore these 'invoices' is best way forward and Athena will likely as not, fade away and leave us alone. Will it end up a court case - this is causing anxiety now? ((
  9. On 23/0/15 I made a £16 purchase at Lidl. I wasn't able to buy all items at Lidl, so ventured to Iceland to buy what I could't get at Lidl. (I have proof that I used Lidl). I evidently had overstayed at the car park by 10 minutes. My husband (Registered Keeper), has since received 3 red-topped letters from Athena ANPR Ltd; Overdue Reminder £45, Civil parking chargeicon Notice £90 and Final Demand £90. No communication or acknowledgement has been forthcoming from myself or my husband. The Final Demand is stating amongst other things that failure to pay could result
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