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  1. My new phone which i got from argos now has an EE sim in it,they are very good.
  2. Well yes i should have got something for all the extra phone calls we made,our phonebill was a bit higher than usual.
  3. My £70 that vodafone owed me has come back into my bank this morning thanks to these guys for their help. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/index.php
  4. WOW,my £70 from VF has come back into my bank this morning,result,thanks guys for all your help.
  5. Although i am still waiting for my refund from vodafone (the money grabbers) i have had a few calls now, & i have been given a reference number saying that my money would be paid back into my bank this week. There are a few forums out there where the same thing has happened to a lot of people,so they hold on to a lot of money before paying it back,nice little earner for them.
  6. I got another call this morning at 9.25am from VF accounts dept.,he went through the security questions & said that my refund will be sent through to our bank sometime after midnight tonight. This may take 3-5 working days to show up in my account,but has given me a reference number,so i am feeling more happy now that it is going to happen. I have also made a complaint about the Kilmarnock store where i was supposed to pick up my new phone who caused all these problems for me. Also i went to argos & got the same phone i wanted & the staff there were really helpful,thank you argos.
  7. This store in Kilmarnock is the store that caused me all my problems with my new android phone i paid for on the vodafone site. I paid for the phone 23/11 2015,went to the shop to pick up my new phone the next day,Donna a sales assistant who was dealing with me made a complete hash of verifying my debit card for proof of payment. So she tried again & got it sorted,but for some reason on her pc she was having problems verifying my postcode,she was then asked by her manager (jools)to phone head office. But to my surprise donna could not even work the mobile phone to do that simple task & her manager had to show her. We came home & we spent hours on vodafone live chat & phoneline getting told to phone different numbers which we did,horrendous. We were told to go back to the Kilmarnock shop the next day by one of the vodafone live chat assistants who had apparantly got it sorted out,but i said i just want my money back,but we went back to the Kilmarnock vodafone shop. We walked in the door & there sitting at her pc was jools the store manager with our file sitting waiting for us,so she was all set to tell us things. She told us that as the order was showing as cancelled on her screen , she couldn't give it out. The manner in how she done this was atrocious and she had my wife almost in tears. She had brought us up to Kilmarnock, an appooximately 40 mile round journey to tell us something she could have said the afternoon before when we were on the telephone arranging a time to pick up our phone. Her manner beggars belief---she continually butts in and talks over you in a most arrogant way. She is always going to be right and the customer always wrong. We got our phone from Argos---great customer service by the way---and thanks to the behaviour of this "manager" we went on to EE and will never deal with VODAFONE AGAIN. I still have my old vodafone at the moment,PAYG so that i can keep in touch with the company about my refund.
  8. I got a phone call from a customer relations guy,i have emailed him a bank statement to show proof of the payment coming out of our bank. So things are moving along nicely i think anyway.
  9. So i spoke to my bank eventually getting through to someone, i explained about chargeback on my mastercard debit card. At first she reeled off oh no no that is only for credit card purchases, i explained where i found this information. She said ok hold on & i was put through to some one else & she said she would go ahead & try this, the company ,VF then have 45 days to reply. I said so how long before i hear anything from you as to what is happening, she said it maybe take about 2 weeks,so wait & see now.
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