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  1. This lease was purcahse from the land registry buy paing 7 pounds and completing form OC2
  2. Thanks Andydd i will getting that off i have examined the lease again and cant see any provision for legal costs is it possible there is a more updated lease they are acting from (surely there cant be?) so in effect no legal costs mean they shouldnt have added them on, i cant even find a s146 costs clause, the lease appears to be really old (it is the one the land registry site sent me and is correct) Im pretty sure the only letters i received from simarc i received were in 2015 with a GR demand £6 (5*£1.20 for April 2010)-2015, they seem to be threatening forfeiture u
  3. The lease begins in 1888, could it have been updated to inc provisions for legal costs or admin fees if payment is late, there is a re-entry and possession clause
  4. I think they are spying to be honest, the solicitor in my first post is claiming that they wrote to me on the following dates in 2013 (20 feb, 15 april ) 2014 (20 feb, 15 april, 27 May, 1 September), 2015 (18 feb, 20 feb, 15 april, 6 may, 13 may, 29 july and 9 November) I think the yearly ground rent is £1.20 the thirty punds 19 shillings and six pence refers to a whole street of which the house is only a tiny part of what would be the logical next step?
  5. guys i have a copy of my lease i cant find a clause anywhere to claim legal costs or admin costs i sent a letter back as per Andy DD advised please also finf attached a reply leasecopy1.pdf leasecopyletter.pdf
  6. andy dd i have type the letter, it is going first class in the post tomorrow i am waiting for the copy of the lease from land registry (can only be applied by post, turnaround time is 5 days, fee is £7) my solicitor and both myself dont have a copy i read the link by mariner51,the line below confused me, is it implying forfeiture clause can be used if admin charges and ground rent COMBINED are greater than £350. I thought it had to be ground rent only? 'This section provides that a landlord cannot use the forfeiture procedure under the lease unless the amount owed for g
  7. mariner 51, that is the only letter I have received and hence the shock apart from the solicitor letter afterwards I have looked at other threads and seen that the ground rent company can reply with the argument ' you and the landlord are in a binding contractual relationship. Your failure to pay GR is a breach of contract. Any Party breaching a contract is liable for the resultant costs incurred by the innocent party. does this mean extra charges can be incurred If the ground rent company takes it further or can 'reasonable costs' eg £25 per letter be incurred?
  8. Thanks ericsbrother i have owned the property 20 years and the first time i received a GR demand after several years was in July this year with a ground rent arrears fee of £60 and referral fee of £138 added on i am trying to obtain a copy of the lease from my solicitor tomorrow morning
  9. I have a terraced house with a lease that is 999 years old in July this year I received a ground rent demand with additional admin charges totalling £198 I panicked and wasn't sure what to do I thought the extra admin charge was ludicrous and wrote back to them but receive no reply since then I have received additional ground rent demands and on 9 December received a letter from a firm of solicitors Landau and cohen demanding an extra £180 (£150 plus Vat) the ground rent demand is for the period 1/4/11-1/4/2015 which is £6 with fees added on top
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