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  1. That's fine, i'm happy to learn you pointed me in the right direction. Thanks
  2. il be honest! where the hell do I start. I understand the directions, and I understand my defence but how do you put that to paper in an acceptable way.
  3. HELLO!!!!! I received these the other day. So is this where I need to submit some sort of defence and hopefully blow them out of the water. I I have repeatedly asked for statements etc but they have not sent anything.
  4. Perfect. I really appreciate your advice Andy. Thank you so much for everything so far.
  5. I'm confused. In post 35 you say or I think your saying 4 months is fine, but then in post 40 your saying that's part of my defence. Sorry i just want to be clear
  6. Can they proceed even though they where out of time, the claim form was received 4 months after it was issued. thanks
  7. Hello everyone. I have received this today from the court. Does this mean they have reissued the claim? I have not received anything else apart from this.
  8. Thank you to everyone for theIR help!
  9. Afternoon everyone. Well I spoke to the court today they said there's nothing the claimant can do because they're out of time but they may reissue the claim. So I assume now I should wait to see if I receive another claim form for Christmas.
  10. Ok thank you all for your advice. One question. If this debt does not show up on my credit file can they do anything about it? I mean according to my report iv never had a contract with EE. I will get in touch with the court on Monday and look at sending the CCA requests. Once again thanks everyone!
  11. That's the letter that came with it
  12. Sorry forgot to blank out some of it.
  13. Here you go. This is what I received on Friday in the post. I sent it back in a panic! I just stated I was going to defend the claim on the grounds I don't believe the account belongs to me. Because according to my credit file it doesn't
  14. I have uploaded a picture of the issue date here > http ://500mb.co.uk/#/view/file/bofxzgk9depamf3syqrq/IMAG1506.jpg
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