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  1. Thank you all for your reply. In response to your queries. In fact my father got his freedom pass few months ago...fresh card:) But I used it in a multiple occasions...around 3 days a week. I mean if I will contact them, I don't know shall I confess all?? It is a good strategy to wait for their response, let them study my case. but it could be a risk if I will receive the summons few days before the court date. I don't like to ask for settlement at the court, I might not go and just pay whatever they will charge + of course the criminal record. How long does it take to get their response please? I am waiting for other views as well.
  2. Hi everybody, I was caught in early November using my father's freedom Pass in the middle of my return journey (I used the Undeground zone 1- travelling to zone 4) I stayed with the lady Revenue inspector around 30 min and she took all the details needed against me in the court (is the station where you are going near your house, how tall I am, what I am wearing...). At the end: she gave me to read the following written in a small paper: “You do not have to say anything. But, it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.” She took all the correct answers except how many times I have used the Pass. I said just once (and how stupid I was, I said...you have camera..something like that). Few days later I got a letter from TFL to explain/give comments. Thank you so much for your help through this forum, I read few threads and I responded back with an apology letter + my supported documents + offer to pay the reasonable costs. However I said "I have not done so before" in the letter. Few days later, I got another letter saying: " ............. ............... In relation to your actions you state "I have not done so before". I have analysed the recent travel usage on the Freedom Pass withdrawn from you. The pattern of usage would appear to indicate that the incident was not a one-off. This is of concern to TFL. As it currently stands TFL do not wish to accept your offer of a payment as a closure to the matter. I must point out that legal proceedings may still be taken against you. ..................... Firstname Lastname Investigator/prosecutor" OK, now it is true that I used same time and days on more occasions. but I did not confess that. Did they use CCTV to prove against me for the previous ones please? This is my first time I was caught, I regret my actions. I have a clean record so far and I am just now aware that what I have done is a very serious matter that leads to a criminal record, I really didn't know before. I am so scared and can't stop thinking about the matter. I am looking for a job but I can't concentrate properly, already graduated but got visa problems to start work before. I want to avoid criminal record please. I got that letter around 20 days ago but I didn't respond back, 1) do you know what shall I do please? Shall I contact the person dealing with my case, shall I be honest in everything? or shall I just wait for their response? 2) If the option is to contact the person dealing with my case, what shall i say to him/her please? I know I will be trembling answering any questions.. .i don't like to make my case worse as well. ..give some evidence against me. How long does it take for TFL to prosecute someone please? 3) Is it another big mistake to lie via correspondence. Shall I have to rectify my double mistake by calling the concerned person or via post (in case I need it later at court). I know credibility is important...well it is done now and what shall I do next please. I am really confused, as when contacting solicitors.. .some they said I have to wait for TFL response.. .some they said I have to react asap and try to settle out of court.. ..one he said I can not be your solicitor because I lied via correspondence (just frightening). I am very very sorry for my actions, I regret it and I didn't know the last bad consequences. I don't know the best thing to do and how and what to say. ..Is there any chance for my case to settle out of court please. Even though I am feeling that I am just waiting to get a summons to go to court. Thank you
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