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  1. Anyone know who is the largest DCA in the UK is? Obviously they all have the same limited power
  2. Yes they know where I am living it was not long after I moved back in they started the letters If they know the debt is unenforceable and your not going to pay. Why waste their time and mine in sending letters and all their crap
  3. HI just a final point, had another letter this morning it was a statement of my account covering sept 2015 to march this year.. no payments.. it states on the statement original lender VANQUIS, agreement date 11 AUGUST 2008 and date assigned 8 MARCH 2011 now am i right in thinking the date assigned is when they took over from Vanquis ? and the original agreement was signed by me at the address i am at now, but soon after i signed it i moved to stoke on trent for a few years, then i moved to kent for 3 years, and now back at original address, but on their papers they also have
  4. Thanks for all replies should I now just ignore or should I ask them to stop asking for t the debt as it is unenforceable
  5. Because I requested my CCA and sent a pound postal order as advised by forum members have I set the clock ticking I requested the CCA last December
  6. What if as you say they were stupid enough to actually go for a CCJ what would there next step be. And would they have to inform me of their intentions ?
  7. they have sent me all the payments interest and so on all printed out. in actual fact last payment was7 02 2009.. 31 8 2010 was charge off total account
  8. hello again, i have received a letter from cabot, it has been december 21 last year since they last mailed me. this time they have sent me a original signed credit agreement terms and conditions statements. they go on to say, that i must phone them to agree a payment plan, they quote.. we consider that the agreement is now enforacable and therefore we are entitled to obtain a ccj against you, we would prefer a reypayment plan to settle your account. unquote... the date of me signing the original agreement was on 18 july 2008 so what is the next step ? t
  9. I was half way through noodle credit score, and i came upon loads of reviews slaging off noodle as a [problem] to get you to pay gor the premium service and also saying ever credit score is far lower than it should be, and not up to date, so i left it. Might pay the £2 for one from experian
  10. Well they say i owe £180 and want to reduce it to £108 but i am not sure i do owe the said amount. Over 5 years ago, well it seems they will be writting to me again then
  11. Another letter came this morning saying despite our repeated requests you have not paid, we really do want to settle this matter.As a gesture of goodwill we have been authorised by virgin media to offer you a reduced settlement of £108.20 if you arrange to pay in full. If you do not contact us and make an arrangement to pay, this offer may become void and we will continue to contact you to revover the full outstanding amount
  12. Thanks for all replies . I shall follow the advice given, Am i correct in thinking that further on down the line pastdue agency will sell the debt on again to another debt agency and the process will start all over again ?
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