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  1. Thank you.... Ooh trust me I have read other threads on here, that's what prompt me to posting and not answering to them... I will draft a letter up tomorrow and post it on here before I send it just for you to take a look at if that's OK? Thanks again Cinders
  2. I cancelled my DD in July 2015 last DD was requested 13th June 2015
  3. thank you for your quick response. here goes.... I signed up to Xercise 4 less 12/12/14 on a £9.99 a month 12 month contract by DD. in June 2015 I was told my job role would no longer be needed and as of the 17/07/15 would be jobless. I told the gym I was attending and they told me to contact them VIA telephone or email. On 15/07/2015 I emailed Xercise 4 Less and explained my situation....that as of 17/07/15 I would no longer be in work and would not be receiving any income. Therefore wish to cancel my contract. I found I could cancel the agreement as i
  4. Hi I am new to this, I am currently having trouble with Harlands/CRS and was wondering if somebody could help please.
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