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  1. Thanks for both replies. My husband did want to go to the police but I thought they would say it was a civil matter. I think we will visit the police station this weekend and I'm also going to contact trading standards. I'll post back when there's anything to report. Thanks again.
  2. We have a leased car and received a PCN from Excel in September via our leasing company. The supposed contravention date was 08.09.15 the notice was issued 22.09.15 and date stamped by the leasing company as 28.09.15. We then received directly from Excel the same notice issued on 06.11.15 for the same contravention date 08.09.15. Unable to confirm that we hadn't bought a ticket in the car park (my son was driving) and against my better judgment, my husband paid the £60 fee. Today we have again received a PCN from Excel with the contravention date of 16.10.15 issued on 30.
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