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  1. Yeah that's what I was thinking, seemed like they were trying to get away with offering me the minimum. Think I'll refer it. Thanks
  2. Yes horrendous credit and at least 5/6 + other loans with other creditors amounting to a couple of thousand owed out.
  3. Hi guys, Slight update, Savy, h and t and lending stream believe no irresesponsible lending took place so are currently on the way to the ombudsman. However I have received this from Mr Lender and would like a second opinion on whether this is a fair and acceptable offer or I should refer this too. Thanks in advance. Here's the email. Dear Mr Mooney, After reviewing your account, we can confirm you have taken one loan with Mr Lender on the 18 March 2016 for £250.00. We can confirm we have only received payments of £32.00 towards this loan and your account has since been passed to a third party debt collection agency, Motormile Finance, (MMF). Since receiving your your complaint, we have been in contact with MMF who have informed us, they have received a total of £10.00 towards your account and your outstanding balance stands at £405.50. As a gesture of goodwill to resolve your complaint, we are willing to reduce your outstanding balance of £405.50 to £208.00 which can be repaid via an affordable monthly repayment plan. Upon acceptance of this offer you would only be repaying the capital amount borrowed and therefore no interest would have been charged. As a further gesture of goodwill, once the outstanding balance has been repaid please inform us and we would be willing to remove any adverse information from your credit file. Please note, as a lender this is the maximum we can offer to resolve your complaint as all consumers are required to repay the initial capital amount borrowed. This is our full and final offer in the hope to resolving your complaint and we look forward to hearing from you by the 12 January 2018.
  4. Thanks for the fast responses guys you're a great help. Can/ should I try to reclaim anything back from the loans thats I have managed to fully repay during a simialr time period?
  5. Another quick one, Vivus, one of my old lenders are essentially non operative now with no way of contacting them. How would I go about this? Also my Very catalogue account/ credit, is there any hope in reclaiming any of this?
  6. Quick question. If the loan has been sold to a debt collectors who am I hoping to receive any kind of reclaim or anything from? and who shall i be sending the letters too between the loan company or debt collectors? Thanks.
  7. Hi thankyou for you help, I am struggling to come up with everything I should include in the email. Do I send this to anybody in specific or the companies complaints department?
  8. Yes im with natwest, How would I go about making a complaint I wouldn't even know where to start .
  9. Hi, its taken me a while to finally come to terms with and finally admit defeat to the payday loans and debt I have aquired over the last few years. I have a number of outstanding debts. PiggyBank - 592 Safetynetcredit - 189 Wageday Advance - 140 Payday UK - 488 Satsuma - 64 Mr Lender and Vivus - Combined at 914 (sold on to MMF so unsure at the moment of the individual debts) Natwest overdraft - 2,000 These were loans taken out from 2015-2016 and I have still not paid them off or made any real dent in what I owe due to very low monthly repayments that have been ongoing for years as I have never been able to afford to pay them back off. This being due to an old gambling addiction and one loan was ususally made to pay of another (a lot of loans not up there that have been settled in that time). This has obviously led to me having a really bad credit score yet within the last few months after the passing of my brother leading to being in work less = less money and a battle with depression and gambling again I have managed to loan from more lenders. MyJar - 179 24/7 Moneybox - 151 H & T pawnbrokers - 304 Lendingstream - 544 Very catalogue - 399 I understand it is my own doing in attempting to get more loans but I'm sure (after reading some similar posts here) that these companies are to refuse such applications as my own? I thought maybe there was something here for a potential irresonsible lending claim or something familar after having such debts for years or for what they were used for. Any help in how I would go about this would be greatly appriciated, thankyou. Update: The figures shown are the amount owed not lent. And a lot of the debts have been passed on to debt collectors so I do not know how this will effect me, and I am sure that Vivus is no longer operating.
  10. Hi, about to have a read over it now, I don't think so no. I have all my details surrounding the loans but don't think I have any actual paperwork
  11. Hi, I'm new here so thought I'd just dive right in with my situation and see if there's anybody here that may be able to lend some advice. So over the past 2 years I'd say, I've collected up some payday loan debts to which all the remaining ones are now on small repayment plans of £1-£5 a month as I'm a student at university. At some points during taking our these loans I have had summer jobs and reborrowed from lenders with the same details even tho I wasn't in work at the time I claimed I was in order to ensure I would receive the loan. As I took out some of the most recent loans (Payday UK and Mr Lender) in particular, the other loans were already on smaller repayments plans and my credit score was horrific. So the creditors I owe too are as follows: Mr Lender £332 Piggybank £577 Wageday Advance £142 Balmoral Financial £435 Payday UK £435 Safetynetcredit £244 Satsuma Loans/ Moorecroft debt collection £128.24 Some of these I have had for over a year now but I was in a stage where I was going through a gambling problem and suffering with some mental health issues (both are currently going well as of now), and was in a rut where I would be lending straight after paying off a previous loan or lending to pay off other loans companies, so I feel as though this tied in with my old gambling habits during the time of my mental health issues as well as being an unemployed student that there is some irresponsible lending occurring and that more checks should have been put in place by this loans companies? My only worry is, is that I have them all on small repayment programme's now that the company may cancel them and demand all the repayment (which I can't afford) at once. Or that the fact on some of the applications I had lied about being employed or did not mention that I was to use the money on gambling its my fault not theres. I'm really not sure at all about this or where I should take it/ what to do with it but its a problem thats been in the back of my mind for a couple of years now and feel like its time I tried to see if there was anything I could do. Thanks in advance for anybody who has any advice for me. Charlie.
  12. Hey, I have a around £1,500 in outstanding payday loan debts which at least £1,300 were taken out when I didn't have a job ( im a student but worked in the summer). I was thinking of doing the same because clearly these were unethical lending on the company's behalf, how did you go about making the complaints?
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