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  1. Hi dx, Thanks for your prompt reply. I thought it had been established from the results of the SAR that the SB date was 09.06.2016. The bank kept paying the loan via a delinquent OD. The last payment on this failed as the OD had reached £4000 on a £3000 limit, on 1.5.10 and the default was issued on 9.6.10.
  2. Hi all, Just an update on whats been happening. Marlin have reduced contact to 1 letter per month now simply urging me to contact them in order to find a solution. Calls have now reduced to once or twice per week. Today I got a letter dated 2.5.2016. The letter was much the same as the others except the last paragraph which states they will write to me again in 30 days if they have not heard from me to inform me what will happen to my account! Does anyone have any ideas what this may mean? Im guessing they will write it around 2.6.2016 and ill get it aroun
  3. Thanks bazooka, I was not awaremof this. Ill read through it!
  4. And by the way bazooka your humour wasnt lost on me!
  5. As ive tried to explain before I suffer from deppression and anxiety and have done for years, was certified as disabled through it a couple of years ago. I dont expect you to understand but stuff like this seems like the end of the world! I know it seems stupid but I dont have any control over it, but I do appreciate the advice you people give and it does help!
  6. Fully agree with you on that one bazooka, im normally very careful, dont know what came over me! Re your last one ford, the bank made the last three payments with their own money, after i had cancelled the DD. I rang them in feb to expain I couldnt pay any more so they put it on a payment holiday. I never actually paid anything from january 2010!
  7. I dont understand it, I never give that number out! So I just dont answer it?
  8. Thats what ive been trying to do so far, but they caught me by surprise by calling on the other line, im at a loss as to how they have connected me with that number as its in a different surname. Do you have any suggestions as to how I should deal with it?
  9. Well technically its already past, but the bank continued to .pay it via a delinquent exceeded overdraft so in their eyes its 1.5.16
  10. Oops a little advice needed please! Ive not heard anything from them for three weeks, no phone calls and a letter came this week (probably the weakest begging letter so far) In the past they have always called me on my mobile number which ive had about 20 years. Today I got a call on the landline, its a newish x directory number in my partners name. The callers asked for me by name and when I confirmed it was me she told me she was from cabots. I made the excuse it wasnt a good time to speak and they said they would call again in the morning. I have not got a clue h
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