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  1. Thank you very much for your advice and attention! I guess I'll have to wait 2 more years to feel free from this. Cheers!
  2. And to tell you the truth, now I remember that I have been contacted by debt collectors, but that was back in 2012 and they were after small debts that I had here in the UK, not in Ireland. I had almost forgotten about that. Well, do you believe then I should stop with my subscription with checkmyfile? I use them today because I'm worried about identity theft. As you can see, I worry a lot!
  3. Since I applied for my mortgage back in 2012 I have been checking my file with "checkmyfile" (website). I had some debts in the UK for which I had money to pay off. This website helped me track my credit score and so on. My financial life was really a mess and I didn't know where to start rebuilding it from. Can this be harmful? I have read on some websites that it is 6 years for them to take matters to court + 6 years to pursue a debt, I have also read that on some other websites that it is 6 years to take matters to court + 12 years to pursue a debt. So you can confirm that they have at least 12 years to chase this debt if they have managed to take me to court in my absence? Thanks!
  4. ... and THANK YOU for your reply
  5. By "Not sure it is a good idea to start looking into these debts" do you mean even posting this thread? I really don't want to contact them, I'm just worried that some day they might pop-up out of nowhere and ask me for the money. Also, I've heard that if they a court judgement is granted in Ireland within 6 years after a default, they would have another 6 years to chase a debt. Do you know if this is true?
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to receive some advice on the following situation. * A description of the issue I left Ireland back in 2005, moment which I stopped payments towards my creditors. I had 2 unsecured loans (Tesco's (Ulster Bank) and Bank or Ireland), 2 credit cards (Bank of Ireland and MBNA), . I'm living in the UK since 2007 and I never heard from my creditors since. I never contacted them as well. Due to personal circumstances I was not able to repay those debts. I'm only now rebuilding my financial life and I managed to get a mortgage with Natwest back in 2012. I'm worried now because I have just found out that Natwest and Ulster Bank are both owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland. I don't have the €30,000 or whatever the amount might be at the present. If I was to sell my studio flat to repay for this debt, I would not only lose the place where I live, but also the 10 years that I have spent trying to rebuild my life. - Can they still enforce this debt after 10 years since my last payment/acknowledgement? - If there is a court judgement in Ireland, can they enforce it here in the UK? * The amount of money involved I believe it was around €30,000 altogether. * Any relevant dates - I don't know if there is a court judgement against me in Ireland. - My last payments towards those debts were made back in August 2005. --- Thank you very much!
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