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  1. The contract was cancelled by phone in January this year. Yes, we have lodged a complaint already. Cheers
  2. Hi, Thanks for reading this thread and any help or advice will be appreciated. We were with Vodafone for quite a few years before being enticed away to a new provider. We had 3 phones all registered in my wife's name under 1 account. My wife contacted Vodafone 3 months before our contract was due to end and was told they could do nothing and requested that she call back with a months notice. Not a problem, one month before the end of contract my wife contacted them and requested the contract end in one months time. Now, Vodafone cancelled ONE PHONE from the contract but left the other 2 active. A company called Fredrickson International have now been in contact seeking to collect £400, Fredrickson to their credit have been very good. We have had many discussions with both Fredrickson and Vodafone all to no avail. Vodafone insist we owe £400 and we must pay. We are very keen to take Vodafone to court over this. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks Graham
  3. Just saying hi. Along with most we have a problem but will look for the appropriate place but thought it best to say hi first
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