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  1. I have gone to Labour, they avoid, and say they have no duty of care. Although I did get my double subscriptions back and they returned a donation they took out of my money I had not given permission for. I have gone to Electoral Reform who oversaw elections. waiting their response. As for clarity. Sorry I know what i think is clear. Denied right to vote. Personal information taken by people saying they would highlight and act. Nothing happened. And information not published. I would think there was some clear duties and laws or legal obligations breached. I
  2. Thats the way it has always been...... There is a duty under Equalities and Disability to duty of care and especially to information. I have read Data Protection Act, surveyor shd state what reason and use of survey is. Said they wanted a database to have of labour purged to affect and inform. does not say how it has been used, it has not been made public or shared. Seem collator a marketing and research person. I do wonder if he has just got a data base which he has then used and sold on. You seem to be saying Tough ****. Sorry but there is electoral fraud,
  3. Dear All I am disabled. I have not voted Labour for a long time or member due to their dreadful record. I saw a chance of change with Jeremy Corbyn. I helped support his nomination. I joined as supporter to vote for him. I was purged unjustly. Told I had to pay again to become full member and pay £10 for date they held on me. I did. Only objection was I asked Labour Ed Miliband in 2010 post election loss "Shouldn't Labour Sort Itself Out First, Before trying to Convince Anyone Else?" meaning its ethic and integrity from top to bottom, in national and local Labour Party. I w
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