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  1. A fix is fine, a refund would only be a last resort really. I tried ringing indesit yesterday but they kept cutting me off. Currently on hold to very now but he keeps trying to send me back to them. Asking for a reference number which I don't have because I can't get though to an indesit advisor.
  2. I purchased an indesit washing machine from Very on a buy now pay later in November. It's been working brilliantly until yesterday, the lights are all flashing and the door won't open. I've checked for a possible blockage in the pipes and the filter but they're both clear. Ideally I would complain to Indesit but after a bad experience with dealing with the company and them ignoring me has put me off. Can anyone advise how I could approach Very please? It's less than a year old. Thank you.
  3. I think a lot of people got these letters because I got one last week too, it just happened to be a week prior to my court hearing. I am guessing it is something to do with the rumour that Bryan Carter has folded?
  4. Hi a bit of an update due to personal reasons I was unable to attend the court hearing this week and gave the court notice in ample time. Due to this, Lowell requested an adjournment, blaming Bryan Carter for failing to handle the case correctly and wanted more time. This was refused because they had been given 2 months to comply with instructions. As a result the case has been struck out I feel I can breathe for a bit but unsure if Lowell can come at me again and what I should do to prepare myself. Thank you for all your help, despite my panicking.
  5. Ok just had a read and that sounded promising. I'll ring in the morning and see if the court has received a witness statement from them as they had to be submitted by 23rd February.
  6. Thought it was too good to be true. Ok will go and have a read, thanks.
  7. Update! Court date was set for 12th April and I was instructed to send a statement and any evidence to all parties involved. I sent a copy of the original cca request letter and my proof of postage and postal order to Newport County Court, Lowell and Bryan Carter and I received a reply. Bryan Carter is no longer instructed in connection with this matter and they have returned it back to their client. I have received nothing else as yet. Could this possibly be the end of it? ☺
  8. No I didn't have a check list form just the mediation sheet which I sent back to them.
  9. Hi it's been a few weeks but the mediation form has finally been received. I had an answerphone message from them this morning which gave me a date and that they need to ask a few questions. Any idea what they could be in case I have to prepare. Thanks
  10. After another post on facebook, comments from people on my friend's list, all 4 feet came yesterday. Hounding them really did work
  11. This is the same standard response I have had on facebook. I have already inboxed them and not had a reply
  12. They have sent me 2 packages on next day delivery with the wrong order so they're costing themselves money. Their Facebook page is full of unsatisfied customers so its not just me. I've been hounding them every day in hope that they'll get it right.
  13. Thank you I will give that a go
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