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  1. Long but i would appreciate some answers,

    im so sick of these people and their treatment against me,

    so i beg you help if you can.


    I lived in one of their properties after coming out from a woman refuge for 4 years with no problems,

    however my ex boyfriend found me and kept harassing me.



    I was living in Brent (lets say) and on my report from the police and national DV workers it CLEARLY stated i cannot be re housed in Brent.


    However i was re housed in Brent, i took this property as i was TOLD if i refused it i will be kicked off the management transfer list as im only allowed ONE choose.

    so im in the same borough i was fleeing and told not to be housed in.


    Whilst at this property i had a woman upstairs who racially abused me, harrassed me and threatened me several times.

    she never admitted to racially abusing me but she did admit to the neighborhood manager,

    knocking on my door to start arguments (harrassment) and banging on the floor at me (harassment)

    she was also recorded as i had noise recorders in my flat banging around on purpose to harrass and upset me,



    however because i only recorded for 5 days and not the whole 14days they said it isnt a "pattern"

    even though legally a pattern constitutes of more than two occurrences.


    I also contacted the police who didnt do anything, nobody wanted to do anything.

    In fact they didnt even want to move me only because i brought up i wasnt meant to be housed in Brent they moved me again.


    I actually developed BAD depression from all of the above.

    I was pregnant and i lost my baby from the stress.

    I have a claim with the Housing obud but they have a "backlog" of work and a year later still NO answer from them.

    so again im only allowed ONE choose as it is management transfer and im now in Camberwell london


    again had issues with the neighbor downstairs,

    he constantly knocked on my door,

    followed me to the end of the road,

    stared through my windows,

    had some stuff on cctv and he admitted to knocking on my door.

    This time the police were great however


    Had to go to top management for my neighborhood manager to even tell him to leave me alone.

    They kept saying its a "police matter" even though it says in the tenancy to not harrass other tenants


    Instead my NHM was more interested in harrassing me about getting carpet as the man downstairs kept complainin ,

    as when i moved i left my job and was on benefits i had no money to get carpet,

    so i again had to go to top management to get £300 worth of vouchers for carpet,

    which ONLY covered a hallway, the flat is BIG


    NHM never addressed the fact the guy downstairs was harrassing me,

    in fact none of them did they seem to justify his stalking behaviour with the fact i didnt have carpet

    like that some how means he is allowed to stalk me because im making normal living noises.


    NOWHERE in my tenancy does it state i MUST have carpet, it just says you cannot have laminate flooring.

    they blackmailed me because they gave me £300 which didnt even cover the flat,

    they constantly mentioned this £300 and said i will have to give it back if i somehow dont carpet the whole flat with this £300

    the flat actually cost £800 to carpet and underlay, thats CHEAP carpet too


    Now final issue

    the guy upstairs to me has laminate flooring, this is making it very noise upstairs,

    i have complained about it and stated i was told i had to carpet my flat (even though i could of had vinyl or lino due to tenancy)

    and again they bring up the £300 vouchers

    they also said to me that the man upstairs is just normal living noise and they will have to prove he is intentionally making noise


    i asked them if thats the case why wasnt i considered normal living noise when the man downstairs was complaining about me

    instead i was harrassed and blackmailed and they said because i had no flooring

    which i stated is untrue as i had carpet in my living room within 3 weeks of being here

    and he was complain about noise from the living room.


    they said guy upstairs has old tenancy and it doesnt say anything about laminate flooring

    i said well mine doesnt say anything about carpet but i still laid carpet and was told to lay it.



    I find their treatment of me very unfair, anytime i have a complaint it is brushed off, anytime anyone complains about me it is legitimate.

    They discriminate against me, ignore me, harass me and apply the tenancy when it comes to me but when it comes to others the tenancy doesnt include.


    they refuse to deal with harrassment which is stated in the tenancy

    they refuse to deal with noise nuisence which is in the tenancy for me but for guy downstairs they dealt with it


    what can i do?


    (i know some people may think im a nightmare, im not, im an easy target,

    im 21yrs old, short female who is usually home alone doing my uni work,

    im an easy target for bullies which is why i get into so many issues)


    just to add, when i made a complaint about the guy upstairs and his walking in boots on laminate flooring,

    he got the letter and came and banged on my door bout 20times in a row.

    I was asleep and he woke me up, it sounded like a police raid no joke.


    When i complained the next day to the Housing management they said he only wanted to talk to me

    i said NO this is untrue he wanted an argument, why wopuld you knock on someones door so much

    and i KNOW if i was a male he wouldnt of been bang down my door like that.


    they again brushed it off saying the guy is reasonable and i should talk to him, which tbh i dont want to i find him creepy.

    this guy has started to run up the stairs and stamp on the floor ever since i complained about him,

    but HM ignore it and act like im making it up because the guy has been here for 8 yrs with no complaints.


    but they fail to aknowledge the fact his flat has mostly been vacant within those years and the last main tenant who lived here was a deaf old women.


    the man upstairs thinks he owns this flat, he used to get his visotrs to press MY bell

    (because its so loud due to the last deaf tenant and his is broken)

    the fact that he even brings up he has been here 8yrs is irrelvant

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