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  1. I have since had correspondence from one of the Adrian Flux managers and he has investigated the complaint. He then had a lady cancel the original insurance, obtain a different one using a new company with the same terms and reimburse me the difference of £167.83, making the insurance much closer to what was expected.
  2. I have been insuring my kit car with Adrian flux since 1980, in 2004 I insured my Pajero, I recently changed the Pajero for a newer 4x4, as I had 6months to run with my insurance I stayed with Adrian Flux, big mistake! they told me that my current insurance company wasn't the best for the new vehicle and recommended cancelling my remaining 6mths and getting a 12 mth policy with Aviva, they are the experts? so I complied. they allowed me £140.00 pounds for the remaining 6mths and charged me a further £326.43 a total of nearly £470.00. I then went on line and checked out vario
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