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  1. Thank you for your replies, when we purchased the property we borrowed 15k off his family member and 9k off mine, I work part time as we have children which I stayed home to look after, and was putting 500 into the bills whilst he was putting 600 in.. he was paying the borrowed money back. I've made arrangements for the property to be valued. he intends to stay and do it up then sell it I believe.
  2. Hello, My current situation is my ex partner wants me to come off the house deeds for a 6 thousand pound payment to my mother. we purchased the house together with help from my mother and his family relative. he is saying we get the house valued and any money we would be due to split 50/50 he wants his sisters money, money he invested into doing the house up and will give my mum 6 k and then I will come off the deeds. This seems like I am losing out massively as he will have the whole house for 6k and also all his debt paid off, leaving me with nothing. any help on this is appreciated as it doesn't semi fair and he is trying to rush this through. he is pretty scary to stand up to so trying to know my rights really. thank you
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