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  1. Yes the Bank code /Account number are correct BUT THE ( ACCOUNT NAME ) Is wrong. I have the transfer description given to me by my Bank to show the money left the USA.. But on how do i confirm the fellow in UK Lloyd Bank got the money.. which he said he has not received yet.....this so confusing
  2. Hello, I just hope i can find some help here, I live in the USA, On 25th of september I wired 4500USD from my BANK fInancial center credit union to Lloyd Bank UK, After one month plus. As i came in from travel.. I found out that there was a mistake in the Account name . (wrong Account name ) which i had to run back to my Bank for the correction. after 1week my bank told me that the money has been credited to the Account number that has wrong name, Now i keep wondering how come a Llyod bank will credit an Account with wrong data.. its u
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