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  1. POPLA replied today advising that CEL doesn't wish to contest my appeal, which really wasn't a surprise as they had no grounds for rejecting my initial appeal to them in the first place. Given that they really do seem to be a bunch of rogues, I may just become a serial 'offender' and follow exactly the same scenario a few more times... Thanks for the advice EB & SF. Donation on it's way...
  2. I now have a letter informing me that my appeal was unsuccessful. The only clarification on the reason for the ticket is that it was issued "for exceeding the parking time paid for". The letter also states that "further details as to why the appeal was unsuccessful can be found on the attached pages". None of the 36 generic FAQ type responses offer any explanation relevant for this case. They've kindly reset the clock on the 14 days to pay at the reduced rate, which is a nice touch, and given me a POPLA code. They've also explained that I have the right to apply via POPLA to the Ombudsman
  3. Ok, thanks for the advice. Below is the email I sent them: "Dear Civil Enforcement Ltd I was mystified to receive the above vexatious claim which was bereft of any specific detail relating to the alleged parking incident. I have the ticket that was purchased and have checked the sign for the car park, and there is clearly no breach of contract with you or anyone else. You should either cancel the ‘charge’ or issue a POPLA code." I received an automated reply saying they will reply in writing within 28 days (!) & will update here when I receive it.
  4. You've helped me once before (post4830039) with a 'parking charge notice'. I don't think I actually need help this time, but wanted to post on this site for general awareness in case there's a pattern in how this firm operates. I parked in a car park where controls are effective 08:00-18:30. The PCN shows I entered the car park at 18:08:25. I purchased a ticket (which I still have) at 18:12, paying £2 for 20 minutes as I didn't have anything smaller. The ticket I purchased shows the expiry time as 18:32 (ie, 2 minutes after parking controls ceased to be effective). Today I
  5. Ok, it seems like we have resolution - Lidl has confirmed that they will instruct Athena to cancel the charge. Thank you all for your input. I've made a donation via PayPal in appreciation of what this site and its members do...
  6. Armadillo, the car was left in the car park and not removed between the two store visits. Have contacted Lidl today - would've done that sooner but was waiting for emailed photos of the parking notices on display to know see the exact conditions they imposed (for the record it's 90 minutes maximum and no return within two hours). It's perhaps not relevant at this stage, but the sign at the entrance is small and only visible after turning off the main road and then taking a left turn into the car park. I guess I'm excusing myself for not seeing it, but it's easily missed as you're nego
  7. thanks ericsbrother, that's sound advice. I'll let you know how I get on
  8. I'm hoping this will be straightforward - I see there are many similar posts in this forum. I received a Civil Parking Charge Notice 'Notice to Keeper' from Athena ANPR Ltd for 'Exceeded Free Parking Duration' at Lidl. The limit was 90 minutes and this was exceeded by 25 minutes. The Incident Date was 22/11, NTK issue Date is 25/11 and I received it 27/11. The car had been parked in Lidl whilst I did some shopping for a friend I was helping to move into a flat nearby. I entered the car park at 13:26, have a till receipt for 14:04 (28 mins later), took the shopping to my friend &
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