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  1. Hello good folks, I have just sent an email to Amazon US/UK CEOs. I just find it incredible how a big corporation like Amazon let these shady resellers roam around in its marketplace! 1352 pounds and missing laptop. Extremely disappointed by Amazon's CS! I thought Jeff Bezos cared customer service the most.
  2. Hello Consumer Action Group members, I have been suffering from a mix of problems since last June. Long story short: Summary: 1. I purchased a laptop from Amazon, from a reseller. 2. Laptop's motherboard broke down, and I found out that I can receive a refund/ repair free of charge. 3. Amazon's seller (located in the US) agreed to fix the laptop, and provided US address 4. Sent it via ParcelForce, Amazon reseller cut down every means of contact and I have no clue where my laptop is. Hello everyone, AMAZON I purchased a laptop from Amazon, from a reseller.
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