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  1. So I finally received the SAR from Barclays and they have sent me copies of the credit agreement between my mother and Barclays, but have only provided me with statements going back to 2007. Does anybody know of a way to get them to send me the statements for earlier than that please? Thanks
  2. the breakdown is as follows: Refund of payments made by you for PPI cover based upon comparable policy: £374.18 Refund of interest charged on PPI premiums charged on a comparable policy: £201.47 8% Interest statory compensation: £240.94 income tax deduction: £48.18 total refund payable: £768.41 Thank you for taking the time of to reply guys, I have decided to try my luck and do a SAR to get the previous statements, if this fails then I guess off the FOS i go
  3. I have tried searching on this thread to see if someone else has posted this query before but have not been able to find anything. So apologies if this issue has been raised before. I recently made a complaint for the mis selling of PPI on my mothers Barclaycard which she had between 1998-2011. Now barclays has written to us with a final decision letter stating they are upholding the complaint and have offered £768.41 as a refund. I know that this is nowhere near enough the money my mother is entitled to as in the early 00s she was using the credit card like nobody's business and did actually run into a lot of debt because of this, but thankfully that has been payed off. On the final decision letter barclays have stated that they have been unable to accurately calculate the refund because their investigation has been unable to find any record of the premiums she paid. So they have used an average value for the premiums paid based on someone who was sold a comparable policy. They have said they are happy to to recalculate the refund if she is unhappy with it. How would I go about proving that this refund a lot less that what my mother is owed. I have read up on SARs is it true the banks can only go back 6 years for any statements? My mother herself has not kept any statements for the card. How can I go about disputing this offer if i have no proof of the payments made? Also I didn't get a chance to read the final response letter from Barclays until a week later but by then they already put the money into my mums account, does this mean that barclays see this as acceptance of the refund and the case has been closed? Any help regarding this would be much appreciated! Thank you.
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