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  1. this is the letter I have written to DVLA To whom it may concern I would like to inform you that somebody has falsely used my name and details on a vehicle with the registration plate 'X' and speeding fines have been issued to an address 'X', which I have never lived at. It began when I received a further step notice letter from the West Yorkshire collection and Enforcement centre on Friday 15th of July. I was unaware of the reason behind this letter so I rang the enforcement centre on Monday 18th of July as to ask them regarding this matter. They told me that the vehicle with
  2. Yh i was just going to ask to we need to move the thread now lol. I rang the enforcement centre and spoke to the same polite lady on the phone who has very kindly done the paperwork for me. She sent an email to Bradford court before reading the letter to me over the phone. the letter stated that I declare that I first knew of this matter on the 15th of July when i received the Further Step Notice and I have nothing to do with the vehicle in matter. She told me that I should be contacted within 10 days and asked to attend a hearing where I would declare my innocence.
  3. Guys here is the thing You guys were right it was a speeding fine BUT they told me it was linked to a vehicle with 'X' number at 'X' address which is 100% not my vehicle or any previous addresses of mine. Somebody has has got my name and DOB and used it on their vehicles and the fines have been going to X address and now its come to my current address. The lady on the phone told me i need to ring DVLA and ask them about this and then write to the bradford court and have this case opened up. They said they will put my case on hold for 21 days for me to do t
  4. Do you reckon this is fake? If what you are saying is true about it taking 33days minimum then there is something very suspicious going on here. I didn't receive a claim form and a threatening letter appears out of nowhere so soon from the 28th of June. What does the claim form actually look like and is that also suppose to be issued by northan bulk? So there is no chance of a CCJ being issued by West Yorkshire collection and enforcement? I put the number they asked me to ring into google and look what comes up... http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/030079
  5. It has to be this Harlands because they did mention CCJ in their letters. All my car and insurance details are on my parents address that just live up the road so it cant be anything to do with speeding etc. All my bills are paid via DD so cant be anything to do with that. The only nuisance ive been getting is with this Gym nonsense. Everything else is set, I have no trouble or problems with anything else and i never had any debts owned in the past. Dont have a credit card, never took out a loan. It has to be this Gym nonsense.
  6. Here are the letters Hope ive done it right this time. I just took them as empty threats like all the other countless of letters I've received on the build up to this. Yes they sent them to my correct address. It was these 2 letters and then suddenly this red letter yesterday on the 15th of july. As I have never dealt with something like this before i would like to ask a few questions. 1. If i paid the fine will it be the end of it? 2. If i apply for a setaside and it is granted then is that the end of it? 3. Should I present my case to a solicitor who can sort this mess out f
  7. sorry forgot to blur out the refs numbers Yes I am on Tax Credit benefits. So if I apply for a setaside do I have to pay £255? Thats alot of money to set the case back by one step. If i do get a setaside what would usually happen after and the usual outcome? further steps notice.pdf
  8. I have not moved address and not Received a claim form . the last letter i received from was from spratt endicott solicitors on 28th of June and prior to that a very similar letter from them on the 10th of June. I am shocked that a backdoor CCJ has been issued against me without my defence.
  9. And if they have does that mean its legit and I have no right to appeal. Sure il do that now
  10. Sorry I dont follow what you mean.. Is this letter legit and should I be worried? The letter had so signing whatsoever. Shall I ring the court number they provided on letter? Also if it helps to mention, the last 2 letters I received were from sprat endicott solicitors with the same old instructions on paying the debt or they issue proceedings. Ive been ignoring them on the hopes they will give up but now im worried with the letter I got today.
  11. Guys i am worried because today i have recieved a red letter from West Yorkshire Collection and Enforcement Centre. i have read online that these letters are not to be ignored. It titles 'Further steps notice' it reads ' The amount you owe is £569.00 As you have have failed to make payment as directed, you are hereby given notice that one or more of the following steps will be taken against you: Issue a warrant of control to enforcement agents to take control of your goods (which will incur additional costs). Register the account in the Register Judgeme
  12. Yh im not going to even bother replying to the same old twaddle. Let them waste their own money in sending me these pathetic letters.
  13. Ok I will try TS and CMA and expose the gym via social media. Its payback time
  14. I have received another letter from CRS. Very short letter saying that they after attempts to reach an amicable resolution to my account tgat I remain in arrears to Fitspace. Therefore failing to reply to this letter within the next 10 days will result in your account balance being passed to Zinc Group Ltd, one of tge UKs leading providers for debt recovery solutions. I am currently in process with the complaint about this practice of harlands via FOC. When I get letters from Zinc Group ltd I will inform the FOC.
  15. Thanks slick. Im out of town for the weekend but ive already downloaded and looked at the FCA complaint form. It will be the first thing I fill and send off when I get back and I will also send a letter to fitspace blaming them for this as they instructed me to cancel my DD and now im in bother with Harlands. Dont worry il stay professional about it. Thanks guys
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