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  1. I haven't no. Should I not call LA Fitness to explain? Or should I send it to them in writing? Thanks
  2. How do I write off this debt though?
  3. Help! I have been a member of LA FITNESS for about 6 months and I loved the gym however mainly for the use of the pool. During my time at the gym there were rumours pure would be buying the gym I have been a member at pure before and hated it. I contacted LA Fitness via telephone to enquire about the closure of the pool and they confirmed this would happen in October once I had confirmation I definitely wanted to cancel however they explained this would not be possible!! I also explained to them I was moving house to fareham where I wouldn't be able to use the gym anyway. In the end this did not happen but they also said i could not cancel! They asked me to speak to my gym personally regarding cancellation. I went into the gym and they confirmed they were being taken over by pure and la fitness was closing down and said if I wanted to cancel I should contact their customer service as I already did and they would note on my account my closure but said due to the closure of the pool and the change of ownership I was within my right to cancel. I cancelled through my bank and have since recieved a letter to say that I needed to fill in a direct debit form to continue my payment! I received nothing else no emails or phone calls until today when I recieved a letter from ARC EUROPE saying I owed £334.40!!! I am absolutely gobsmacked it has gone from setting up my direct debit again to owing this money! They gym is now refurbished and a pure gym so isn't even LA Fitness anymore! There is nothing about this in my contract although it states if there is a change to the use of my gym I.e my main use (the pool closing) I can cancel. Or I move which at the time I was meant to I could cancel! Please help! I don't fancy a court case or paying for a gym that doesn't even exist anymore!!! Help me please
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