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  1. Many thanks for replying. Tbh I'd be happy to settle with 12gb tethering, but At least keep my current price? I am currently paying £12pm and they want to raise it to £20. Also, they could at least give me my 600 minutes back? They are being unreasonable. Should I just counter and say I'll settle for 600 mins and 12 gb tethering at my current price?
  2. Hi all. Three have in the past switched me to contracts without explaining fully what I'm gaining/losing. I ended up losing quite a lot, without them telling me so. I was meant to lost nothing in terms of allowances. They've admitted they did wrong and are trying to rectify it, but (very) insufficiently. So I am considering going for deadlock and taking the case to Ombudsman level. Would you recommend this? I previously posted regarding this but got no responses (as the post was a wee bit lengthy perhaps). That post is called "Three mis-selling - mission to rectify!", posted a few days ago
  3. Good day all. This is a very good forum and I have an interesting case I'd kindly like some advice regarding. I've been with Three for a number of years now. I used to be on their One Plan where I got 600 mins, over a thousand texts, and unlimited data with unlimited tethering. When the contract ended and it was time to upgrade, I wasn't pleased with the phones on offer so I asked if I could continue with my current phone and current contract but with a lower monthly price. Person on the phone obliged, but what they didn't tell me is that I've lost my tethering ability, and some of my min
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