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  1. Long time since I replied I know but thought I'd tell everyone what happened etc, I never sent a cca request I didn't risk it being so close too my credit being clear I rang and offered them £1000 to for debt and to wipe the rest they did , I'm now bad debt free and full clear credit report got the mortgage I wanted a few months later and now living in a nice big house stress free
  2. Thanks shall i just send to the address cabot have on google i dont have any of there letters now with there address on ? My account refrence should be on ccs collect letter though
  3. Hi Im going to send off a cca request tommorow cant risk a ccj turning up on my door, do i send it too ccs collect who are acting on behalf of cabot ive lost cabots letter so i dont have there details ,could somebody please send or link a good cca request template thanks for your help
  4. It is possibly statute barred but im not 100% i know i made a token payment of one pound on one of my debts nearly 5 years ago i cant remember which
  5. The only reason ive not sent a cca request yet is because it might be statute barred soon ive had no contact in 5 years maybe 6 no phone calls or letters or payments the default date was october 2016 its drops off my credit report this october ,my last loan payment was january 2010 but i also remember making a token payment off a pound 5 years ago just cant remember to which debt
  6. Hi andy no i have not sent a cca request letter to cabot yet cabot only contacted me last december after no contact for over 5 years about debt ,i was advised not not to reply unless letters changed they offered me a 20% discount 2 week ago then passed it on too there solicitors ccs collect who are no asking yet instead
  7. Hi just a quick update after ignoring cabots begging letters for 5 months theyve now passed it on to there solicitors ccs collect who have wrote to me asking to ring in 7 days is it still safe to ignore for now or should i send a cca request letter ? Would be very gratefull for any advice given
  8. i have been reading lots on this site but different people have different views
  9. if i ever sent a cca request letter would that reset the statute barred clock ?
  10. Yeah will do thanks for the advise Just a quick up update received another letter nothing threatening yet just sent a form with it asking for my outgoings ive still not replied , i went into my bank today and asked when i opened my new account they said 16th of febuary 2010 and im quite certain i stopped paying when i opened my new account ive had no contact since its the first time ive recieved letters my default wasnt till october 2010 though 6 month later ,is statute barred from default date or last payment ? Thanks again
  11. The last thing i want to do renegadeimp is take a chance going to court my credit report will be clear begining october ,should i wait or cca request them or arrange payments i can only afford £25 a month at the minute ?? I dont want a ccj The last thing i want to do renegadeimp is take a chance going to court my credit report will be clear begining october ,should i wait or*CCA Request*them or arrange payments i can only afford £25 a month at the minute ?? I dont want a ccj
  12. I live in england old cogger thanks for your help will see what they send next and post here
  13. Yeah citizenB its showing on creditfile defaulted in october 2010 think i stopped paying in febuary 2010 though ? Sorry to myther would everyone agree to ignore the letters for now till i recieve something serious ? Thanks for help just worried tried ringing debtline but shut till january the 4th
  14. Would you all sugest sitting tight till a more serious letter comes then ? Dont ring and no cca request letter just yet ? i cant suddenly just get a ccj claim form for ignoring that letter can i ? Thanks for your help
  15. The only thing im really worried about is a getting a ccj i dont want my girlfriend finding out she owns our house but i pay half the mortgage and wanted to get on the mortgage once my credit report is clear in october 2016 i dont want her to find out and worry, ive already had my post diverted to sorting office i just dont want anyone knocking on my door yet , would you not advise sending a cca request yet , had 3 letters in 1 month just stating the amount owed £7600 no account no of bank of scotland and no terms or repayment plan there j
  16. Hi ive recently recieved a letter of cabot finacial chasing a 5 to 6 year old unsecured loan for £7000 from royal bank of scotland that defaulted in october 2010 , this is the first time ive recieved a letter in 5 years and ive never made a payment , it possibly is my debt i:e roughly same amount but theyve sent no other details account no etc and ive recieved no letter from my old bank, my question is do i ring and make reduced payments they dont have my phone no yet ? Or do i send a cca request letter ? I dont want to get them angry and
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