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  1. Good point, please advise if they do reply. I just thought that it was ironic that even TfL who put half the YCB's in London out there can't show one being 100% complied with...[bad grammer I know]
  2. Found an amusing little item from Transport for London https://tfl.gov.uk/campaign/road-tips?cid=fs235 In the video they have everybody using a yellow box junction in the 'normal way' ie not waiting for the car in front to fully clear before entering and they have an idealised computer animated version with low traffic and everybody leeping exactly to the rules...
  3. Here's the link... http://www.sltrib.com/home/3336756-155/humans-hit-driverless-cars-exposing-a The cars themselves are safer but, because they obey all the traffic rules the actual accident rate is double the norm. It's the opposite to the Docklands Light Railway in London - they have never had an accident when the computer is driving, only when a human takes control
  4. from the Salt Lake Tribune, not exactly on topic but informative nevertheless. "The self-driving car, that cutting-edge creation that's supposed to lead to a world without accidents, is achieving the exact opposite right now: The vehicles have racked up a crash rate double that of those with human drivers. The glitch? They obey the law all the time, without exception. This may sound like the right way to program a robot to drive a car, but good luck trying to merge onto a chaotic, jam-packed highway with traffic flying along well above the speed limit. As the accidents have piled up
  5. I don't mind them either, gives slower people a chance without being scared by flashing lights or a countdown. And I've heard of Toucan crossings but don't think that I've come accross one yet, but in principle I don't mind them either
  6. Would you support a request that ALL yellow box junctions MUST have cctv?
  7. People loitering by zebra crossings always worry me, are they crossing? do they know if they are crossing?. With a pelican it's either red or its not.
  8. Simple says it all. I bet you like zebra crossings, black and white and no other factors to worry about. Me - I prefer pelican crossings
  9. The difference is between waiting when traffic is stopped and waiting when traffic is flowing - the law does not descriminate between them so you are obliged to stop until the car ahead has cleared the junction with enough space beyond the line for your car as well..
  10. I think that the law assumes the prohibition is for when traffic is stopped or stop/go. In legal terms the only way to avoid falling foul of the law, to my understanding, is to wait at the edge of the box until the lane ahead of you is clear plus your car length on the other side. How to be popular in rush hour traffic! One yellow box junction in Redbridge brought in £317,930.30 since November 2013. I asked the council if they had considered traffic lights instead and they replied..... "We have looked at installing signals at this junction however, it was found that it put unacceptab
  11. As councils haven't started treating No Entry as a cash cow yet I don't object to them
  12. Sadly I think that you are right, in your second point at least Apologies to Robert Goodwill MP who is the UK Minister for Roads
  13. Thanks for signing, I didn't notice the donations part but that refers to the 38 degrees work and is entirely voluntary
  14. Yellow Box Junctions are, in general terms, a good thing. They allow traffic from minor roads access to main roads in heavy traffic. The problem that we have had in London for some years, and coming soon to the rest of the country, is where the council uses them as ‘money boxes’ to raise revenue thru CCTV. One west London junction raised £2.7m a year, and there are many others I would like an amendment to the "Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002" requiring councils to put up signs advising drivers of CCTV monitoring of yellow box junctions – if the aim of the yellow box
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