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    Date commenced DEC 2014 Approx balance £552 LAST FULL payment APRIL 2015 agreed arrangement - £1 payment agreed for NOV, DEC, 2015, JAN 2016 NOT SURE IF DEFAULTED - do not appear to have default notice DCA MOORCROFT (no notice of assignment received) History: April 2015 - last full payment made 30.8.15 - let confirming acc has been referred to "Argos Recovery Services, a specialist Debt Collection team" 8.9.15 - let sent to Argos requesting 30 days hold of action and interest freeze 11.9.15 - let from Argos - "notice of intended recovery action". Threatening "ma
  2. OK, so should I send a letter to them asking for clarification. i.e. to establish that they are simply being pedantic but to confirm they have received a payment of £3. Irrespective of whether or not the payment was made in the way agreed, they surely still have to acknowledge any payment made towards the account if asked?
  3. Good point DX, but surely it's not exactly rocket science....
  4. PERSONAL UNSECURED LOAN COMMENCED NOV 2010 BALANCE £1695 LAST FULL PAYMENT FEB 2015 AGREED INTERIM NOMINAL PAYMENTS £1pm FOR NOV, DEC 2015, JAN 2016. PAYMENT OF £3 MADE IN NOV 2015 to cover 3x £1 PAYMENTS ACCOUNT DEFAULTED MAY 2015 12 May 2015` Default notice received 25 July 2015 Another default notice received with new date!! 27 May 2015 Requested 30 days hold on account, freeze interest 9 Sept 2015 Offered nominal payment of £1pm for Oct, Nov and Dec 16 Sept 2015 Received letter from Tesco accepting 3x £1 offer Oct 2015 Cheque sent and cashed for £3 to cover 3
  5. Received attached letter from Virgin announcing transfer of £3488 CC debt to Arrow Global. Included in same envelope was introductory letter from Arrow, requesting I make contact with Moorcroft who are now apparently "managing" my account. Also have had couple of missed calls from Arrow to my mobile over last couple of days. I intend to request contact by written letter only. Original account was with Virgin partner MBNA (under Virgin brand), transferred to Virgin itself last year. Original account opened Oct 2008. Last payment made 13 Apr. Last contact with Virgin I made was
  6. Just came across this post, and acknowledge that it was originally posted in 2008. I wondered does this still hold true in 2015, some 7 years on from the OP? Does anyone know have Barclays changed their way of working since then, is so how?
  7. Most of the accounts were opened between 2008 and 2010. Unfortunately don't have all original agreements and only past years statements. I think one of the Barclaycards was an ex-Egg account which may be a few years earlier. Quite a few late payment and over limit fees on most accounts. No PPI. Hope this helps.
  8. Have a defaulted credit card account with Cap One (£4200 balance) which I have not paid since around Feb 2015. Usual story - business failure, loss of income for several months, currently on low income (£670 per month), etc, etc. In Sept 2015 Cap One wrote to say the debt would now be handled by Credit Solutions, Purley. Received letter from them. Informed them would deal only in writing. Offered token payment of £1 per month consistent with what I am paying all other CC creditors (who all accepted). No reply from CS. In Nov 2015 Cap One wrote to say debt would now be handled by
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