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  1. Sorry I haven't been online in a while, thought i would update by saying a big massive thanks to Honeybee13 for all the advice given, we went to court and won the right to stay in our home, the judge couldn't believe that it had been served on us in the first place when we were paying of the arrears and tore into their lawyer. we have agreed to pay a little extra on top of what we had been paying and have to return to court next year to ensure we're still able to keep it up. we have since taken in a lodger so that the extra we get from rent will go straight to the mortgage also,
  2. hi i,ve spent 2 days on the phone going round in circles, i read on here somewhere they couldnt repossess under 2,000 in arrears, because i,d like to print it off for court paperwork.. i,m disabled and trying my hardest to sort. i rang their solicitors to ask for all documentation, yes they said @£10 per doc, as how many was told at least ten, told them bluntly if i had that amount of money i,d pay it to my Morgage ya con artists. call ended bluntly..
  3. Hi Ell-enn the mortgage is an interest only mortgage with 16 years left to pay, monthly amount is £401.36, £272.00 is being paid by benefits plus we pay £100 ourselves per month It is a joint mortgage with no children
  4. i will be at work till one today so will check back here when i get home, thank you
  5. yeah i've been reading and printing off everything lol, we're so deflated by it all that right now we're ready to just walk away from it all. Mortgage company aren't willing to help in any way shape or form, and to be honest, i'm beginning to hate this house.
  6. We received a notice for repossession from peterborough county court which was dated 16th july 2013, on saturday 21.11.15 with repossession date 7.12.15 by mortgages 1 ltd,for arrears off around £2000, my husband receives esa benefits which is paying the interest on the mortgage plus he pays £25 extra every week, he telephoned them yesterday (24.11.15) and the woman told him she'd post out a earnings and expenditure form, but i don't think it will arrive and get back to Them before the 7th december, she told him to print off an N244 form and arrange a court hearing to try and
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