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  1. no chance my mp useless,been after disabled home for 5yrs-but all there building r normal-and he said just wait,etc,,,, anyway-when I receive letter I will let u know as for help-im housebound and have no one,family/friends etc.my illness ruined my life.now this,,even police said on tues,it was forced genuine etc,and not sure who-but as im alone 24/7 I nearly topped myself fri nite-but 3 police came sat with me for 2hrs,no idea who rang them,,,but im at my last straw-fso,young lid,there said he has to luck if insurance was dealt with right,,NOT IF CLAIM WAS GENUINE,so im confused who is gonna help,,even the ceo.passed to exec complaints--who also said they need wait fso reply-I asked well cant someone look at it again now-they haave all prove/pics etc,but were told I need to wait for fso.. I assumed they were ie-how yea case genuine u have to pay,,but seems not-anyone help? i can leave my num/email if anyone can,I cant even go to solictors as im housebound,no one does hse calls,,ive legal ass with my policy,but not sure if A,I CAN TRUST THEM, B,IF ITS THAT KIND OF LEGAL ASSIT THX K
  2. Now they say today-as i was selling some items+these wks b4,on facebook-which i told them-even police said prob someone who came to view-robbed me etc anyway there saying claim not proved,so im guilty,from day one,ive answered/complained to everybody-nationwide/direct line/uk insurance/ ceo/ dep ceo/complaints etc,and still im told that also as im disabled and retired-they cant see how i owned these items,,even after i proved my income/and won £10.000 had to show proof,also none good enough for them,so fos r looking at it,but after this im not counting my blessings,,seems innocent disabeled bepople r guilty if robbed,,and they increased my policy and £50mth byt 6mths later-say no claim, can someone-anyone help myself plz,,
  3. Yes I know what u mean But everything was legit from hard earned money I had to even prove that Also I won £10.000 Ten year back I even had to prove that Still there messing Loss adjuster blames claims advisor And vice versa I have opened a case with fso On we'd And now I have to wait As for report I'm going to call police station later And try get copy Thx
  4. mind my spelling down to keys-but below is my emai I snt b4-now they say got crime report-but does not put there concerns at rest,so my fault-I guess,complained to fso-but tbh not sure what supposed to do.as used to be u had to be guilty of a crime,not the victim num now told by insurers they have concerns but wont tell me what they r-so im amazed at what im supposed to do now as It s in there time not mine, so again were made to wait, unto someone makes more stories, we wanted to strat to try build up our feelings and celebrate xmas but how when were being called criminals for being burgled,if I didn't send the infantry list in fast enough-they know y-but no=instead of sorting,its magic roundabout time--no one cares-victims r blamed ive not left this house since august,and not even got xmas tree etc up-as or I wanted was to try to celebrate with my daughters,but since one left home because of this,whats the point, I mean I get fobbed of left/right/centre=emails from all over and does it mean my insurance is not worth the paper its written on? as ive always paid more for the policy as was told it would all be covered etc,but now seems not so if nationwide/don't want to take blame/direct line./uk insurance,dont-then why not blame the victim,,,or blame the staff who most seem to be egos bigger than the next-when u complain u get passed to others,, im emailing this-again-to everywhere,as no idea WHO WILL help..and I mean the polce KNOW we were burgled and came,so maybe I wil just concern to being housebound even more 24/7=as seems that's the only way I can think--I sleep downstairs in chair-as still feel unsafe,and only the FSO told us about victim suppossrt no one else mentioned it, apart from hosp in morn,due to stress levelsim in 24/7 thx
  5. YEA-even spoke to the det in charge of the case he said closed it,as they cant find anyone,or my items.-makes me laugh I even have spec thing on my polcy for £15.000 of dvds- I own+prove+pay 8+yrs for and most still at home,but still im told to wait for there-data pro dept=to go thru--the police data dept..to get report but been wks since they say they asked for it.+4mths+since I was broken into-my oldest moved out as she felt unsafe,-and still were treated like criminals
  6. my insuerers just say I need to contact claims advisor,ie the one who told me I had to wait for report even police its like saying the police did not do there job,as they want full report,ive emaied around 10 people today ceo/mgrs./and who ever else I couldfind
  7. just spoke to gmp-who could not understand what there playing at-as the police confirmed its genuine etc but even so-no one at the dept could tell me the relevant dept -as all they knew is its done from special dept to insurers,but also cant be hard to press button and send form.so now im stuck-unless I go right to fsa,,but im sure I have to give another 8wks for complaint. wore still I cant afford to buy the items back,for xmas.but black fri tomoz-but cant decide if should buy,but then when/if claims done,im left with 2 certain things.usueless,all of them
  8. I did wks back-was told its a spec department because of data protection.and that the officer who came-would now be on different jobs,and all he does his file his paperwork=so ive no idea,
  9. I have asked them-they said there part uk insurance group and that there now waiting for crime report, I even said whats the difference with the crime ref I gave them in aug 2015--Ive jumped thru hoop after hoop.answered all there ques-and still im waiting,i also don't like when they say-they need the crimereport b4-they can decide on the claim,-so I emailed forml comaplint today-told them they know im disabled-but since the breakin-ive not left the house-drs say ive ptsd.anxiety-so I also put that in email but after all-im the victim.i mean if I was guilty of something,then,ok-but as a innocent man-its like there trying to make me guilty and blame me and find way out of claim,even the loss adjuster cant understand what there waiting for,,any help plz
  10. im disabled.father of 2 and bought this insurance with nationwide building society,had policy for contents for 10yrs+not claimed for 7+yrs,since found out its now direct line,never used to be,,but 3 mths later,after loads of calls+emails.the staff were always polite,but im still without items which were took-some cannot be replaced personal heirlooms etc,,I even listed my items on immobizer website too,,but now 3+mths later im told by the claims adviser there waiting for a full policereport b4 they DECIDE how to sort it,,now that is whats upsetting its like day after day,im having to prove we were robbed,police came/crime report etc,but still direct line making me wait,m beginning to A.feel like its my fault I could not prevent some **** entering my home,but,like im to blame,B.that there looking for way not to pay-do I complain now to the ombudsman. or try nationwide AGAIN.?usually just gets back to claim adviser,whos nice and says don't worry-will be able to decide when they have report,,but its awful-im in 24.7 scared to go out,and I sleep downstairs.as im scared there come back.and disturb my daughters,plz can u help
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