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  1. Thanks Andy , there was only 1 entry which was showing on my report from BOS which was then removed and the 1st credit took over, they have the default date on the CRA as 01/03/11. So if the assignment according to the DCA is 2 years later surely this cant be right ???? and if not what can i so about it ?? im still positive that the debt should have been status barred but because it was an overdraft im not sure of the process ??? Thanks Angie
  2. Hi Andy, no reply from the bank, (chaser letter sent) but i did get an annual statement from the DCA which is now showing the date of assignment as 18/11/13, can they register the defaults from 01/03/11 if they were not the legal owner of the debt ??? Many thanks Angie
  3. Thanks again Andy , there is only 1 entry on my file from BOS and then it changes to DCA but the date of the default is the same , funny thing is as I'm trying to remember all the circumstance of how the debt got to that amount and I think there is a lot of charges in there but I will hopefully be able to see this from the information that I have requested from BOS ie, breakdown of the account......
  4. many thanks Andy , I really appreciate your help, apologies I'm not very good with any of this stuff and I'm now even more baffled at what I should do, If the DCA have registered the default on my credit file is it them that I need to approach for copies of everything.... I have sent a request to BOS for copies of the one that they submitted for 1 month ???......
  5. Thanks Andy - apologies which one should I have placed this in ??.... thanks again
  6. Hi Wondered if anyone would have any advice regarding an old overdraft account that I had back in 2001, I stopped using this account about 2003/2004 as registered with a new bank and completely forgot all about this account. I checked my credit file and had noticed that in 2011 the Bank of Scotland registered 1 default against me for £849 and the default date is registered as 01/03/11 which is nearly 8 years later. Then there was another entry from 1st Credit a DCA the following month for an amount of £850 for the same debt with the default date of 01/03/11. Can the
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