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  1. Hey Honey its hoppings week so whats new:D:D:D jon
  2. I think it may be a conspiracy by the financial institutions to stop us getting on here:D:D:D Just because I'm not paranoid doesnt mean that they aren't out to get me:lol: Jon
  3. Hi Bookie good idea I'll try now before the site logs me out again:) Jon
  4. Its just done it again......... logged me out for no reason other than to re-enter user name and pass word, then round and round again to log in page............. So I tried Miss Muppets way and here I am back again:cool: I mean if CAG is trying to tell me something then ........... its MSE for me then:eek: Jon
  5. Good Point:confused: Answers on a postcard please to.................... Jon
  6. Seems okay at the minute but like earlier it just logs me out and wont let me back in:shock: Nobody loves me:cry: Jon
  7. Hi Peeps, Is there a problem with the site this weekend it seems that every time I go to log i I get the usual page saying "welcome Black Rat please click here if your browser doesnt redirect you" Then it just goes back to the log in page:-x and around and around we go. When I do manage to get in after a while I get a screen that tells me to log in . Probably me:(. Jon
  8. Hi Matty Halifax isnt part of the Royal Bank of Scotland but the Bank of Scotland now known as HBOS so you should be okay:-D
  9. She signed the contract on Friday and took possesion of the house that day (although the physical move ofd furniture etc was to be on Friday this week) The landlord contacted her on Saturday evening at home. If she fails to complete on her present home on Friday she stands to face compensation to her purchases for breach.
  10. Friend of mine has sold her house and because she hasnt found a place to buy yet decided to rent for a while. She finds suitable property and pays deposit and months rent in advance. Landlord and her sign assured shorthold tenancy agreement and everything is hunky dory. Arrangements are then made to move in to rented property. Before the move can happen lanlord telephones and says there is a problem with the gas boiler which he says needs replacing and arranges to meet my friend at the property, she goes to see him and the landlord says he cannot allow her to move in because the boiler needs to be replaced and it could be "a few Weeks" to get organised so offers her a full refund of rent and deposit and takes keys back. Problem now is that her house sale completes on Friday and arrangements for removals etc have already been made, BT have been organised and mail redirection undertaken to the new address. Is the landlord allowed to merely tear up the contract he signed and agreed to or is there any way she can take action against him for breach of contract , she is going to have out of pocket expences associated with this as well as potentially losing her house sale if she cant find any where else within the next four days.
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