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  1. Good News!!!! I decided to contact the company as suggested who's property it is for an address to write too as suggested. I got straight through and requested a name to address a Mail too, he asked what was the problem in an helpful manner. I explained and he asked me for details of the number on the Demand from the parking company and my number plate, and quashed it there and then, as sonn as I put the phone down. He said if the parking company come at me again to let him know, but I should hear no more. He went onto say that they do have genuine misusers that park there all day but are not at the location and who the charges are more intended for. Turns out he was Security Manager. Huge sigh of relief. Many thanks Guys, thank you for your help.
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]61480[/ATTACH]I have now recieved a demand from a debt company for the sum of 160 pound. DRP
  3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]61213[/ATTACH]As requested, sorry about delays but I am confined to bed most days. I am thinking of appealing this, it is getting me down to be honest.[ATTACH=CONFIG]61213[/ATTACH]
  4. I would normally have dealt with this, but recent Heart Failure as left me bogged down at Hospitals and clinics while they sort out an op for me, I really don't need the stress. Got final demand also.
  5. Not sure I can post the Image of the sign, maybe not enough posts yet to allow it.This is the one from the car park
  6. Would it help if I drove down and too a photo of the signage? Many thanks
  7. I don't know Mate, I am not up on these matters. I am convinced I left the ticket upright, but it has a security cable attached and it is possible that someone brushed past the car jolting it causeing it to flip over if the Cable slipped down. I am 100 percent disabled and never leave home without the ticket.
  8. Well, you asked me to update you and low and Behold I have received a Notice to keeper Today with a charge of 100 pound. So they must have contact with DVLA.
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