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  1. Thanks theoldrouge, I found a template SAR on Moneysavingexpert, wish me luck.
  2. To see if I'm entitled to claim any PPI on the mortgage, loans or other expenses incurrec from my accounts as I was always in the red back then.
  3. Will a SAR provide me with any loan, credit cards and mortgage account details as well as statements from over 15 years old?
  4. There are so many threads on here that I don't know where to start. I'm looking for the details of a mortgage I was sold in 1994/5 by Lloyds as a 25yr fixed term mortgage. I was charged a redemption fee of £4,000 to end the contract. I was banking with Lloyds since I left school in 1985 and this account may have been the same one that I paid the mortgage with, however at some point it did change to Lloyds TSB. Does anyone know what's the best steps for me to take to get the information I need. Kind regards Italia68
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