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  1. Thanks very much for the reply. Im not as worried about capital resolve as I am about whether I will be successful in putting my case to SWT. I can provide them statement showing the £12 travel card was purchased. Are they still likely to pursue the case in court? Does the fact my appeal was deemed to have arrived late waiver any of my rights?
  2. Back in July I bought a ticket at Richmond station (Zone 1-4 travelcard) and travelled into Waterloo I used the ticket to enter the platform (The barriers are 99% in use at the station and always at the time travelled i.e. 17.30). Once I arrived at Waterloo and upon getting to the barriers I realised I no longer had the ticket. I approached the attendant and explained the situation he then instructed me to see the Enforcement officer. Having been once bitten (not enough balance on my oyster on one occasion four years ago) I considered just using my oyster to go through but stupidly
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