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  1. Thank you so much for all your answers , i guess all i can do is fill the forms and send back , so where it is saying need mediation service i can say no to that ?
  2. we sent letter and email and text on 20th OCT , and started the process on the 9th NOV when we didnt have any respond till i started...
  3. i understand, thnx when we realized that it needs 3phase electric connection we asked how do we go about this and he suggest different alternatives and they were not good ., and we send a text to ask would you like us to dispatch the item from here to your new buyer we dont mind doing that to save us money , and from that text to the starting the court we been ignored , called so many times and he never get back to us till the moment i started the moneyonline court process and email them and they started to write back and fore .... thats when they suggested that i should chose the optio
  4. i have upload them here if you can check pls http://ozzmail.com/cpapers.pdf
  5. Hi , the last part is the defence letter came with the forms for me to submit reply before the 9th jan , and not sure how do i go about it how to word the whole thing..
  6. ----- from me Hi There, We are now going ahead with taking your company to court because we have been ignored constantly emails and sms messages and calls and there is no attention of helping solving this,. --------------- from them same day Your email has been noted and thank you for the email attachment letter. Please return the item to our warehouse address that can be found on the footer of this email. We are unable to adhere to your request of any form of refund while you have the machine remains in your possession. Kind regards, The Catering Shop -------------
  7. Morning friends and hope you are going to have a lovely xmas and a new year soon. just received a post today with a defence letter as well as some forms , attaching them now , any help will be grateful what to reply . thank you so much
  8. Thank you so much for your reply , i have check the site for that to send Judgement but not sure which to pick , if i pick the second one how will i prove he admits he owe the money ? see the options in the picture if helps
  9. Since i havent heard anything from them , i have logged into the MCOL - money claim online site and says defendant filed an acknowledgment of service on 16/11/2015 says: Intention : I intend to defend part of this claim not sure what to do next , we have send the coffee machine back and they received it and now they not sending our money back...
  10. Thank you so much , i am thinking of sending this as it is seems there is no proper solution offered from your end ,we are now decided we are going ahead with this case as we would want to full amount included in the refund and the charges made by the court , why should we be out of pocket after all it is your companies fault ignored us constantly till to the point when we started the court action.,.
  11. i have now deleted the bank acc details , if you look at the last three mails which happened today , he is telling me to mark as settled , but if i do that and if he dont pay then it says in options i cannot start the process again and to be honest after going through all this i dont trust that he would pay back... and also , wouldnt i be allowed to ask for full refund back since he caused me to start court case and now he is offering to pay only the machine cost not return postage and the court fee.. Thank you so much for taking time to look at it.
  12. do you mean the mail response PDF or the DOC file , i am not sure how to delete the DOC file from uploaded place.. or you meant PDF version ?
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