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  1. Thanks for the reply - can anyone tell me if there is a way of getting the £16K back if I have to end up paying it to them so I can complete on my new house?
  2. In 2008 I took out a loan with welcome finance for £17,500 after I have already re-paid them over £43,000 in loan repayments. I now want to sell the flat the loan is secured over and was horrified to discover that they say I still owe them almost £16,000. I have no way of understanding how that redemption figure has been calculated and they did not provide a breakdown (they say a letter has been sent but it has never arrived). If I repay them at this figure it means I will have paid them a total of £58,593.56 on a loan of £17,500 (3.3 times the loan). Surely that cannot be fai
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