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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice so far just one more question does anybody know how long can it take for this Decision Notice to arrive ??
  2. Just a update my partner has recieved a letter from Concentrix saying we have made changes to your tax credit claim from April since we have completed our check ! Then it goes on saying this isn't a decision notice you will recieved this in the post soon then on page 2 it saying in black bold writing following our checks we may impose a penaltie charge Can anybody tell me what happens next
  3. If they do go back the full 6+years I think it could be over 60k and housing and council tax 10k which I think is fraud so court action is a no brainier
  4. If the worse comes to the worse and she is taken to court and sentenced to a prison turn if that happens I won't be able to work so will I be able to claim benefits for me and the kids !!
  5. Has anybody else had dealing with the company who are working on behalf of the HMRC called Concentrix ?? It's been 5wks know and still no letter from them to tell her what the next step will be
  6. I know I won't be covering anything up for her as it will look as if I've been on it with her from the start but as I said earlier the first I knew about all of this was the day she got the letter from Concentrix
  7. She has spoken to the CAB who said they will attend with her if she wants them too
  8. At the moment they said on the letter it was April until October 2015 but if they do go back longer then u are talking thousands
  9. Will they inform her that or just send a letter asking her to attend a interview and will they also ask me to attend a interview
  10. How long can a investigation last but I'm not sure if it's under investigation yet as it just saying we have information that there someone else living at your address the only thing I can think of is my bank account car insurance and driving licence Do u know what happens in a investigation for tax credits will she be asked to attend a interview ?
  11. I am going to wait for the letter and then speak to my Union but will go through my full time union rep who doesn't work with me
  12. I think it could go along way and could even end up in a prison sentence but won't know until we get the letter Concentrix
  13. No these are only from April to October if they go back 6+ I'm talking a lot of money
  14. No she never been in trouble before she is willing to come clean on everything as long as she stays with the kids but she been reading newspaper reports of people doing the same thing by looking on google but they are tried lying
  15. I will have to check as its not me who needs the legal advice about the tax credits as I've not claimed it but will need to speak to someone if she taken to court and faces prison as I will not be able to work so will need to find out what il be able to claim for me and the kids if I can't work
  16. She has told them but they have said we only want information from April until October which she has sent and it was back within a week that was 3 weeks ago does anybody now how long this letter will take from Concentrix to arrive to say what's going on
  17. Thank you she has told them I'm here and it was her who made them stop the claim straight away which they did. I've taken over sorting the bills and we are on a budget now which is working great The only thing on my mind is what's going to happen if I knew what was going to happen I could get things sorted When I spoke to CAB they said they will help her deal with this I am in a union at work should I tell them or just wait until she gets the letter as I don't want the whole world to know what's happening at the moment !! I've got my partner in to see the doctor next wee
  18. Can someone give me some advice please my partner has been claiming single parent for over 6 years when she shouldn't off I found out the other week I was off on my day off and got back from the school run and there was mail from a company called Concentrix I didn't open it as it was addressed to my partner but when my partner opened the letter she broke down and confused to me everything. She been claiming single parent for 6+ years and also been claiming housing benefit and Council Tax for 4 years. We were in debt for years but thought we were getting through the bad years but know
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