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  1. Billion thanks Silverfox.



    I will see my psychologist tomorrow and will discuss the matter,

    l logically know that nothing very important will happen to me after reading all your comments

    and reading all those information on the website and l really appreciate it



    but you know because of my very severe mental illness and huge amount of medicines which l take daily

    and because of tesco security guards' very very humiliating behaviour

    ( they spoke to me very badly and laughed at me when l was crying and begging them to let me even pay ten times for the items

    but not telephone police and taking video of me when l was sitting on the floor like a child and crying)



    l can't stop thinking about, I had all nightmares in last nights and even can't look at my children eyes, felt ashamed



    - anyway l trust you and very thankful for your support and help.

  2. i really appreciate it dear sewingkit


    I was feeling so humiliated so ashamed so sad so horrible since that moment


    and you cant believe me because I couldn't bear such a humiliation in my life and have no excuses that why I did such a stupid things ,



    thanks guys to helping me and advising me



    - i will let you know if I have receive any letter or any news



    , please pray for me ,



    not be in trouble,and u know I was feeling devastated

    ............ thanks guys again .

  3. definitely i neither go to any tesco and not doing it again i just scared to death about police and criminal record ......... as a foreigner you know i feel so scary . then if RLP send me letter I just need to ignore it? I can pay and I have no financial problem to pay for that just scared to been take to police station or court.


    i just need to add in the security room they laughed to me and took video from my crying and begging , why they did it, you think ? may they wanted to record my video to give it to police tou think?, im really sorry if asking this questions, Im just feel horrible

  4. Hi all, firstly I am very ashamed of this.


    2 days ago I was caught shoplifting from a TESCO store.

    (I had put 2 reduced prices £3.25 labels on 2 not reduced ones £5 ones meat steaks which I took from reduced ones)

    paid for them



    before leave the shop caught by Security guards!

    very very stupid all for £3.50

    ( I got a bipolar character and had been diagnosed with very high depression and severe PTSD

    - taking 1000 mg quetiapine daily

    - did it because needed to feel high (NO EXCUSE - just describing the details))


    they took me to back room - no police involved

    - (I cried very badly and begged them to not hand me to police )



    they just wrote down my name , address and date of birth and told me to pay again for those two items (2*£5=£10)

    which I had paid for them before (2*£3.25=£6.50) with those reduced price labels and take them and leave . they told nothing more ...............


    I scare very very much if they will pass my details to Police? what will happen to me?

    I just took more 500mg medicine more to cope I can not sleep I am scared to death !!!!!!!!


    please advice me what will happen to me?

    I dont want my wife and children know about it!!!!


    please help me know what will happen to me

    and what they are going to do with my address and details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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