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  1. Billion thanks Silverfox. I will see my psychologist tomorrow and will discuss the matter, l logically know that nothing very important will happen to me after reading all your comments and reading all those information on the website and l really appreciate it but you know because of my very severe mental illness and huge amount of medicines which l take daily and because of tesco security guards' very very humiliating behaviour ( they spoke to me very badly and laughed at me when l was crying and begging them to let me even pay ten times for the items but no
  2. thanks for all complete and useful information sidewinder- i will sleep well tonight- I will definitely do what you guys advised me and Im really thankful - i will let you know whenever receive the letters. you guys saved me and made me feel better.
  3. It was rally a relief for me - thanks a lot to letting me know dear DX - never forget your help
  4. It was rally a relief for me - thanks a lot to letting me know dear sewingkit.
  5. thanks Dear sewingkit , may plz ask you what happened to your Gf after all? if police involved finally after she ignored the RLP letters?
  6. i really appreciate it dear sewingkit I was feeling so humiliated so ashamed so sad so horrible since that moment and you cant believe me because I couldn't bear such a humiliation in my life and have no excuses that why I did such a stupid things , thanks guys to helping me and advising me - i will let you know if I have receive any letter or any news , please pray for me , not be in trouble,and u know I was feeling devastated ............ thanks guys again .
  7. thanks a lot - sorry if bothered you im just sick , i will go and read them . thanks again, sorry about my English(Im a Swedish) i never forget your kindness and help!!!!
  8. Dear DX i need to add I did not signed anything and they dont told me that what they will going to do. just what makes me very very scary is my details which they wrote down ( i gave them wrong date of birth but true name and address because they got my Bank card in that moment -
  9. then you think that they will keep my record! how the record effects me later? we are going to move in another house very soon is it can help in case to dont find me later? Dear HB - why then you think they took video from me? sorry about my English. Im a swidish and as you see my English is rubbish - thank to answering me . i feel a little better nowww
  10. definitely i neither go to any tesco and not doing it again i just scared to death about police and criminal record ......... as a foreigner you know i feel so scary . then if RLP send me letter I just need to ignore it? I can pay and I have no financial problem to pay for that just scared to been take to police station or court. i just need to add in the security room they laughed to me and took video from my crying and begging , why they did it, you think ? may they wanted to record my video to give it to police tou think?, im really sorry if asking this questions, Im just feel horrible
  11. thanksssssssssss a lot to telling me this/ but why they wrote down my details you think? sorry if made you upset with my sadess and depression
  12. I will - do you have any idea if police be involved in next days? please give your opinion honestly - I really appreciate it !
  13. im just crying now -do you have any idea what will happen to me in this case?
  14. Hi all, firstly I am very ashamed of this. 2 days ago I was caught shoplifting from a TESCO store. (I had put 2 reduced prices £3.25 labels on 2 not reduced ones £5 ones meat steaks which I took from reduced ones) paid for them before leave the shop caught by Security guards! very very stupid all for £3.50 ( I got a bipolar character and had been diagnosed with very high depression and severe PTSD - taking 1000 mg quetiapine daily - did it because needed to feel high (NO EXCUSE - just describing the details)) they took me to back room - no police involved
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