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  1. Hi all,Quick update but I won't bore you with too much detail. The expectation is that we have a cross meter situation. They are off to do some investigations and will get back to me over the coming weeks.
  2. Thanks all I'll update on Monday after the engineer has visited or if I notice/find anything else out before thenFeel free to add to this if there is anything else you think I should think about or tryThanks again
  3. Gosh I really hope they do as the worry of a £4500+ bill isn't good.I'm terrified it is our meter, the reading is right, and we have an appliance somewhere that is extremely faulty!
  4. These are brand new flats, however, there are more and more pieces coming into the jigsaw at the moment as I've just been told by our neighbour upstairs when he first moved in the meter in his cupboard was for his neighbour across the ways flat.So that does make me think that it is likely they have wired it up wrong but I don't want to bank on that just yet.If that is what has happened though I'm slightly concerned at the neighbour across the ways electricity usage!!
  5. They aren't outside sadly, they are in the cupboard of each flat as soon as you go in. Is it possible they are still wired up wrong? So the reading on my meter is actually for a neighbours property? Even if that is possible 32000+ seems a very high reading for any of these brand new flats of 18 months? I have the supplier sending an engineer on Monday to look at the meter for faults will they be able to tell whether the flat builder has attached all these extra lights to our meter? If it is in fact our meter? In terms of heating we have a combi boiler but whilst the boiler is powered by the electric it runs on gas. We also don't have it on during the night.
  6. I've just done this just now - hadn't thought about this before and this is exactly the case.Our gas meter number matches the bill but our electricity meter number doesn't.I'm not sure about the paperwork aspect upon moving in - I would need to checkBut, what does this actually mean practically?
  7. Hi all, I appreciate this is a long post but I've tried to detail absolutely everything. Really grateful if you could take the time to read/review. I'm really hoping someone can help me on the forum. I'm not overly experienced in electric meters and the like but I've done my best research wise before posting. I recently moved in with my partner to a flat she bought from new and has been living in since May 2014. When she moved in she received paperwork from the house builder to advise her that her meeting reading was 00029 upon moving in. Fast forward to a few months ago, let's say around August 2015 this is when I moved in with her. My partner had never supplied meter readings before and the meter had never actually been read by a meter reader from the company. Well, that's what the company are saying anyway. My partner states that around June 2015 time it was read at her request however the company are saying they have no trace of this. She did submit readings by phone in August when I read the meter and it was reading 31333. When she submitted these though the company have submitted 313. I can only imagine they have done this presuming the 33 on the end was after a comma or a full stop, but it wasn't. I didn't think anything of the reading I gave my partner of 31333 as I didn't realize that the meter would have been 0 to start with when the property was built. (Silly mistake) Anyway... Fast forward to last week - she received an email looking for meter readings to be submitted and forwarded this to me to take care of. I went out and got the gas reading which looks entirely normal and matches with previous meter reader read readings (they must just come and do the gas when they are in the area as the gas meter is outside so easy access, where as someone would need to be home for them to get into the flat) and then I read the electricity reading which is where the major problem lies. The electricity reading was 31939. Yes, 31939... There are no commas, no full stops or anything on the display and it is a digital single meter, so no buttons to bring up more numbers. Now whilst the variance between 31939 and 31333 seems normal over a 3 month period I'm at a loss as to what could have caused the reading to go from 00029 to 31333 between May 2014 and August 2015 and I'm not really sure what to do!! The company are sending out a fault engineer to look at the meter on Monday but I'm not confident there will be a fault as it seems from reading that this is rather rare? Last night before bed I took the reading again and it was 31944 and switched off everything with the exception of the TV (sky+), our phone chargers, the boiler and the fridge freezer. I woke this morning (8 hours later) to see it had only moved forward to 31945 so that would appear normal? I've done the same when i've left today so expect when I go home (in another 8 hours) for it to have moved forward 1 or 2 points again. If that has happened by the time I go home I plan on each night trying a room at a time to see what's causing the meter to go really fast and then isolate each appliance in that room to work out if there is a particular one causing the problem? Is there anything else I can do? What do I do if I find there is a particular appliance at fault here? You'll understand my partner and I are concerned about the potential bill we may be liable for. I used some online calculator and worked this out to be around £4,500... Thank you all so much for your time and I hope you can help.
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