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  1. Going through the paperwork, yes it does state this, however this was not brought to my attention at the time, and i did feel under intense presure to purchase this, even though it is not what i wanted in hindsight. Thanks Mikey B
  2. Hi everyone, Just an update I have contacted the APA company who are happy to cancel this seee below; "Good Afternoon As we are only the administrators, the refund goes directly back to the dealer to resolve. The dealer will need to issue yourself with the appropriate refund Many thanks Good afternoon Lauren, Thank you for your reply. Can you please confirm you will be issuing a refund for this to my account, can you also advise on the timescale of this. Alternativly please feel free to contact me on the number below to discus. Subject: RE: Cancellat
  3. Agreed, will do, is there any potential fallback on me for getting the FCO involved at this early stage. Thanks again
  4. Have just spoke to satan.. They understood my grievance to a point, but then they advised when the request to cancel is initiated I will have to re-pay the monies (which have already gone to the dealer or APA) within 30 days. The car dealership have replied advising they are looking into this. The person in the delearship sounded pretty confident that the warranty co wouldnt refund my monies, when i said i had 14 days he advised that YES, i could cancel within 14 days. BUT no refund will be issued by them, as per t&c's. I feel that he has actually miss sol
  5. Yeah sure i dont have it to hand atm but will put up ASAP, the APA company have recieved my letter, and replied via email; "Thank you for your recent request to cancel policy XXXXXXXX, however we would need this request to come from your selling dealer as this is an obligor product which requires the request to come from the selling dealer. sorry for any inconvenience caused. If you have any questions please do not hestitate to ask me." Im starting to feel rather trapped and worried now. Have emailed the car dealler twice as advised, they have read my messages, but have not reci
  6. Hi Dx, So have just spoken to the dealership, they have said that i am entitled to pull out of the credit aggreement. BUT! they advised there is no "cooling off" period for the APA warranty, he then advised that i would have to pay the finance company the outstanding balance... some 2.5K and the warranty would be cancelled, but no monies will be retuened. He said that this is not coverd under the "distance selling" and i said i am excersising my legal right to do so and they should refund this in full for me. He advised as i bought it through them this is not the case, i advised he did no
  7. Thanks again DX, letter has been posted, via signed for delivery, should arrive there by 1P.M tomorrow, have sent copies of letters to each, tried to contact the finance guy at the dealership, but hes not around... Will call them tomorrow if i havnt, heard anything further, i am right in assuming that even if they drag there heels replying to my letter/actioning my request. I am still covered under the "cooling off period" as i have responded with sufficient time. Is there anything further i should do to cover myself. Many thanks Mikey B
  8. Hi Dx, Thanks again, really appreciate the advice, will do as you said, and update when i receive a reply. Just to clarify, what do you mean by "If no APA exists there's nowt to pay for"(sorry im probs being dumb). Also one last thing, should i contact the dealership i purchased the car from and advise them of these actions, or should i just say screw them, they've done me over selling me this bog roll? Or or the other hand would this look good in my favour to be transparent with them (even though they weren't with me). There's also the issue of hi
  9. Hi Dx, Thanks for your reply. That was my initial thought as well. However as the satans loan is in my name, and they have handed the monies over to APA. If i cancel with satans, could APA refuse to refund the monies to satander, effectively leaving me to settle the debt. Or would this be up to Santander to reclaim this themselves through APA. Thanks again
  10. Hi everyone, i have recently just purchased (16/11/2015) a 60 plate BMW 318d from a car supermarket. Unfortunately I was also sold auto protect gold warranty, i was sceptical at first and in hindsight after reading some of the horror stories regarding this company, it is something i shouldn't have purchased. Both the car and the warranty were purchased on finance, through 2 separate lenders. The dealership gave me the hard sale, and mentioned that virtually everything is covered, he also added that as the warranty was being purchased with the vehicle, that w
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