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  1. Stigy - THE BEST ANSWER YOU COULD ASK FOR! very precise and answered all my questions and you did not skip anything. Thank you so much! Great knowledge! I was waiting for this kind of answer !!!!
  2. thank you dx100uk I really like this forum and it is interesting to read around what other people have experienced! I hope people learn from their mistakes and its good to learn also from other people mistakes!
  3. An out of court settlement - From my own experience - its best to be as honest as you can, TFL are clever and won't tolerate any lies!
  4. Thank you dx100uk I appreciate a lot those who answered huge thank you.. I wonder if there is anyone in the same shoes as me? out of court settlement from TFL and an application for the naturalisation....
  5. Hi Wilson Thank you. I appreciate you took the time to read my post! Yes I suppose that! hopefully thats the case, would be great if any of the TFL guys here could affirm this to be true. However I have not heard their confirmation. Still your and other member experiences are good advice.
  6. Hi Wilson Thanks for replying. Yes i understand. TFL will keep some record internally i suppose but that won't be disclosed any further such as DBS etc. I am not 100% sure about it but thats what i understood from other members here in this forum who advised me. I did not get many replies and advices on my post but 2 people advised me. Hope thats the case that it is not disclosed anywhere further.
  7. Hi Wilson Your case was settled out of court. Have you been told whether you will be on any records or not, or you were not concerned about that? I have also posted my incident that occurred a year a go. Thanks Rosy. x
  8. Thank you Old-CodJA for your answer it really brought me some clarity. The final letter i received from TFL stated: "You must return a signed copy of the conditions of withdrawal and ensure payment is made to TFL..." Letter was called "Letter of warning and conditions of with withdrawal". I understand that if my case did not go to the court, TFL will keep a record on my case internally and no disclosure to any records even though I admit my fault fully due to my circumstances surrounding the case. Also, I would appreciate if you could clarify to me : 1. Was
  9. Thank you dx100uk , I clicked on the link you copied and the matter was very similar to mine, however I was trying to do my own research as you suggested and often the cases are of different nature. I understand the Freedom Pass misuse is seen much more serious than student oyster card misuse. Both are offences but one is more serious and normally punishable differently. I still hope to hear other views on my case. I am sure there must be someone who has gone through exactly the same path. I understand TFL will not tell the individ
  10. Guys could you please clarify ... freedom Pass case. Settled out of court. Paid fine to TFL. Will I be on any records such as pnc, crb?
  11. dx100uk Thank you very much for your answer. I would like to hear from other people as well please share your thoughts..
  12. No I had to pay an out of court settlement fine which was around £600 to TFL. I suppose I will need to declare this on my application? I am concerned that i am unaware if I am on any records though... Oh never again, it was the biggest mistake of my life! There is no excuse i did not realise the seriousness of the consequences, now I am even urging others not to do the same mistake i have done !
  13. Thank you dx100uk for your answer. Much appreciated. It would help if others could post their experience and knowledge on this particular matter as well. Could someone advise on what occasions people are put on PNC, i understood the misuse of Freedom Pass even though settled out of court, still will go to records as i was told by a lawyer. I am just trying to understand, the fact that my case did not go to court, does it mean I am 100% free from any records? Also, I was cautioned in the underground, had a PACE interview recorded under caution, and paid a fine
  14. Hi I read the forum and could not find a similar post, therefore decided to post myself. A year ago I was caught using my friends Freedom Pass in the underground and was given a caution by the Inspector to remain quiet and give my personal details. Two weeks later I received a letter from TFL inviting me to attend a PACE interview under caution with TFL prosecutors, and due to exceptional circumstances the case was settled out of court and I had to pay a hefty fine. During the interview under PACE caution i admit using the freedom pass on more occasions and showed
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