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  1. Please just delete this thread, obviously having feelings towards other human beings is not as important as getting money from murdering [edited]
  2. I did say if. Nice way to try and kick someone in the stomach though. Did you ever learn dont say anything at all if you cant say something nice
  3. I figured as much, i have to admit i was hoping it wouldnt be the case. Thanks everyone
  4. Thanks honeybee. Another problem is i dont want to work in a call centre full stop, been there, done that and hated it. In the exact same building but under a different owner. Ive been through months of updating my qualifications so i can go into admin not back into a call centre. Oh yeah, ive not been mandated to apply, just given the info
  5. Sorry if this is the wrong place but i couldnt decide if i should put it here or the job centre section. Im on jobseekers and worried if i dont apply for a job at a capita call centre that the job centre will sanction me but i dont feel comfortable working for a company that has caused ill and disabled people so many problems and distress. Like, if i get to the interview process how do i hide my hate for them, how do i go to work everyday knowing i am taking money from a company who is part of a system that is hellbent on robbing a sizable part of society of their dignity and even their l
  6. Thats what i thought, otherwise how are you supposed to know if its genuine or not believe them and just ignore it. Also that we are getting chased seperatly for the same debt, you cant pay twice for the same thing
  7. I might have one account in my maiden name but i have no idea if its active, i definatly dont have a card for it. We closed our joint account acouple of months ago because of an insane increase in charges. As i said i have no id so we just opened an account in my husbands name
  8. Can i get a credit score with no bank card in my name. I have no ID at all.
  9. My husband and i have just recieved a letter each from link, no info on the original company. Theres just the same amount, same reference, same dates on each letter. We have absolutly no idea what this is for. I googled them and have read some horror stories about them so would like to know how to best proceed before contacting them in any way. Thanks in advance
  10. I got option 3 when i complained. She did her version of the claiment commitment, i did mine which was just minus jobmatch and they were sent to the dm as well so i wouldnt be suprised if you get the same. If so either just take jobmatch off or add something like youll ask on social media once a while. just set your facebook settings to as private as possible, i have no doubt you do whatever you can to get a job its just my opinion they have no right to nosy on anyone
  11. Hi, my cousin was sanctioned six weeks ago for not updating his cv when he worked for three months til his contract ended. The problem is he has learning difficulties and short term memory problems caused by illness as a baby. The job centre never gave him anything in writing to tell him his cv needed updating or that he was going to be sanctioned, they just did it. I think they are aware of his needs as they have sent him on specialised courses in the past. I dont know if its too late to appeal the sanction but we at least want to put a complaint in to protect him from now on. It was annoy
  12. Harry, find the thread i started asking about ujm, you might have to go back a couple of pages. I got some amazing help about not using it. I complained and won based mostly on the evidence i got here. Good luck
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