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  1. I've just got off the phone with them, apparently the council added £37 to it in Jan, not sure why or how but that's where it has come from.
  2. They initially charged the whole year but the house was only occupied about 9 months so it went down to ~£880. I believe so, this month should have been the final £200 to pay everything off. It just said costs. This is the first visit, although initial letter was in December, to my old address.
  3. Ah ok, so this £350 isn't going to go? What would you advise is my best course of action? I offered to pay the £350 when I get paid in 2/3 weeks but the agent wouldn't accept it, said it had to be now
  4. Yeah, I understand it's on me that I paid it late, it was just one of those things - was busy at work and thought I'd do it later, get home, deal with kids etc didn't remember I hadn't done it for a couple days. I've gone to the council and written to the head of revenues, explaining that the debt has in fact been paid and asking for them to bring it round and close the account, with a complaint about the enforcement agents practices, saying he'll be round with a van next although he hasn't gotten into the property etc a lot of lying and attempts at intimidation. I'm just hoping they get back to me before they come round again and put the charges up in case they won't deal with it.
  5. It was just everything was moved around, I had the bookmark saved on there old one so just went on that to make the call. When they changed the site that page went and the number is somewhere pretty obscure, not on the contact pages or anything like that. I couldn't use the online payment either, doesn't work with my name/ref number. I must have, it's my mum's address though and I don't live there so the first I heard of it was when he came round to drop the letter. I guess I know a bit more than these people hope for, the guy was lying through his teeth, I called him on each lie but the one he got me with was that if I don't pay it now he'll be round with the removals team and the charge will go up further...? I wasn't sure if he can do this before he's made the list?
  6. It was broken down to; Breaking agreement I can't remember the wording but something that read as misc charges Visiting to drop the letter
  7. Hello, I've been paying off Bailiffs monthly for unpaid council tax. I was late paying last month. I thought I'd paid off the last instalment this month and all was fine. That was until I got a call saying they'd been round again ~£350 charges for the late payment. This is obviously extremely frustrating, the council tax debt has been fully paid off, these charges are for nothing. I've phoned the agent and he's saying there's nothing he can do, he needs the money now and if he doesn't get it, he'll be round my mums house to remove her goods because the debt is registered there, he's saying he'll take what he wants because it'll be on her to prove that the stuff isn't mine. I don't have the money, he's saying he can't wait the 2/3 weeks til pay day and although it's a stupid reason, the reason I was late paying was because Chandlers got a new website and I couldn't find the payment line number, I was at work so couldn't spend too much time looking for it and didn't look again for a few days. Is there anything I can do here?? I've paid the debt off, how can they legitimately charge £350 for a late payment, it's insane!!
  8. Is there a way to get evicted without a CCJ? Would this be the same type of CCJ that will show on a credit report?
  9. Thanks mariner51! What length was fixed term? It was a 3 year agreement with the option to give 2 months notice after 6 months. How far into T were you both? We were 12 months into the tenancy when the notice went in. Both joint Ts can be summonsed to Court hearing and both remain ind liable for full rent until both have vacated. Ok, so if she stays another full month I could be on the hook for another months rent? Council are ignoring recent Govt advice with their 'suggestion' to her. I didn't think that sounded right, people can say what they like about landlords but at the end of the day they have to pay the mortgage/feed their families. If you gave Notice during SPT you effectively ended T for both on expiry, so LL could issue simple NTQ to expire after 14 days and send Bailiffs in immediately they are avail. when they will evict all occupants. I believe I have an AST, does this still apply? I've tried explaining that getting evicted by bailiffs won't be fun for anyone, she seems to think that they will turn up and give 24hours notice, is this likely or could they just turn up? I'll turn up for any court dates I hear about!
  10. Me and my ex have been renting a flat for just over a year, we have a child and have recently split up. When it was clear the relationship couldn't be saved I put in notice to end the tenancy agreement (It's a big expensive place that I didn't want to continue with on my own and she wouldn't be able to afford), she was asked to confirm which she did and we were given a moving out date. She confirmed she had arranged to move in with family with our child until she was able to arrange a place, I know that this is fact as I actually double checked and confirmed everything was in place to ensure both would be sorted when the flat was gone. She's now gone to the council in an attempt to obtain a council house and has been advised by them to not leave the property, even after our agreement has ended and the flat has supposed to be handed back. They'll then sort her a place when she has been evicted. This obviously isn't on. My guess is I can wave goodbye to my deposit if she goes through with this which in the grand scheme of things I'm a bit annoyed about but it isn't the end of the world. I'm more worried about if I could be taken to court for failing to leave the property (although I will have left) or if I could be liable for any rent she may tot up or anything along those lines? Will they take legal costs etc out of the deposit? Could I be blacklisted anywhere? Thank you!
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