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  1. I'm still here Andyorch and watching intently the varying degrees of information.........I guess it's what has been openly and repeatedly suggested on a host of Forums have visited......no-one really knows the solution.....including Ford and it's gonna cost a small fortune to find out.........you know- if I could sort out the "starting first thing in the morning problem" I could suffer the rest. Even the wee squirt of easy start isn't anywhere near as expensive as new injectors / new pumps / etc., etc., etc.,. Once the car gets started - overall it runs fine the rest of the day. I have also become a bit of an "expert" at knowing what NOT to do for the engine to conk out.....ie watching the gear I am in and in relation to the engine revs, and NOT letting the engine "labour" in any gear.......wotcha think guys ?????? Just leave the bloody thing alone......!!!!!!?????
  2. Good to see we still retain our senses of humour .....!! New fuel filter (properly bled) was one of the first options tried.......no luck there I'm afraid!
  3. tried it Tobyjugg my friend........not a chance?
  4. many thanks for this info (by far the best I have received - over several forums) and all makes complete sense to me.......it is just to evaluate whether or not the cost justifies the end ! On the from cold non-starting issue.....can you help there? As I said will not start from cold in the morning - even when the ambient temp is mild - a wee sniff of "easy start" and away it goes.....running all day happily, even switching off for a couple of hours, then the following morning exact same problem?
  5. Yup .....Piggy Bank / Rainy Day funds........! I'll try to keep in touch re my own probs. I'm booking in to the Ford guys for the glow plug replacements.....I'm just dreading they encounter problems (glow plugs snapping etc., then car off the road) / and / or mega bill.
  6. Neil there was never any intention to be rude at all.....and if I sounded that way, I apologise profusely. It was meant as a "tongue in cheek" remark..... hence the take it the right way part). You are correct in everything you say though. All my problem so it is up to me to sort it out! Thank you for your input.
  7. Thanks tobyjugg2 done that too but nothing ever shows.........I think these "low-end" OBD2 diagnostic machines are pretty basic and don't throw up the full picture!
  8. So I'm assuming you are back to being a happy motorist then Haven. Problems solved? Thank you for your info. Regards Bill
  9. FOOTNOTE...... I really have no objection to paying to get the vehicle fixed !!!!!!......It's paying out a huge wad and NOT to get it fixed that really annoys me! "I'm so sorry sir, we've changed the "doodah" but it hasn't helped.....we now think it is the "dadums"......£250.00 please and when can we book your car in again to get the "datums" looked at. !!!!!
  10. The very fact the "easy start" did the trick seems to eliminate starter and battery problems....especially when the car continues to start fine allay thereafter - after the initial problem. Ah yes......the "trial and error" route.....chequebook/wallet at the ready !!!!!!
  11. Many thanks to both of you for your efforts - it is GREATLY appreciated. I'm gonna ask my local Ford dealership to give me a "second mortgage" on replacing the glow plugs.....that could be the start.....at least if the car will start (especially first thing in the morning) then it takes part of the pain away. many thanks once more.....I'll try and keep you advised!
  12. Join our ever-growing "club" Haven mate......re the cutting out.......same here, if you labour the car under/around 2000 revs and then try to increase speed in the same gear.....oooops no power then cut-out......and Ford say this is NOT a common problem!!!!!????? I would subscribe to your theory about the starter motor......BUT how do you explain it starts no problem with a wee whiff of "Easy Start" ???? Also the fact the car starts no problem after the initial no-start! Personally I still blame the darkness !!!!!!! I don't think the Ford Mondeo likes the dark!
  13. Many thanks "Grumps".............car is 2004 2.0Litre DCI 130 High Mileage 187,000 It is an ex-polce vehicle and I suspect had been "doctored" 'cos when it goes ......IT GOES !!!!!! Again - we seem to be getting into the realms of ......it could be this / it could be that / and keep a full wallet handy????? You are correct Ford do not care - they keep saying this is NOT a common fault......just take a short look at the many Ford forums around !!!!! ???? To be honest......I can handle the cutting out as I know now how to sense something is gonna happen, and I know what revs / gear to be in to avoid it! Not the most convenient I know. The thing that is bothering me most at the moment is the morning no-start! I've been giving it a sniff of "easy - start" direct into the air box intake......and it starts right away - then runs all day NO PROBLEM.....even stopping for a few hours. I'm told the car can develop an "addiction" to Easy Start though !!!!!!!......how does that work ?????? I've also been told glow plugs are a bitch to change......one mechanic indicated that they won't come out due to carbon build-up on the inside !!!!!! That would then result in a "head-off" job......and the resultant empty wallet!!!! Think I'll get a cycle !!!!!
  14. Neil, thanks for your interest but.....take this the right way mate.....you have been no help at all......I've been around countless web pages and forums searching for what seems the "holy grail" and no has the answer.....except, try this try that and keep spending in the meantime.......some have just said, scrap it.....but I'm not gonna ado that......apart from this "gremlin" it is a good car! One other very annoying aspect is that the car has very great difficulty in actually starting first thing......then, once it does start - often with persuasion from a few squirts of "Easy Start", the car stops and starts all day no problem.....at one stage I was beginning to think the car didn't like the dark!!!!! LOL......And please no-one suggest "glow plugs.....it is nowhere near cold enough to need glow plugs at this time - !
  15. I have a continuing issue with my 2005 Ford Mondeo TDCI continually losing power and cutting out completely under "load" - under acceleration. This is clearly a VERY dangerous situation especially if attempting overtaking on a busy motorway. The vehicle engine cuts out but can be immediately restarted by turning the ignition on and off and restarting the car - even while still moving. What alarms me is that FORD must obviously know there is a problem with this happening - a short investigation on various web "forums" shows this problem to be widespread.......the additional worrying aspect is that NO-ONE appears to have the definitive solution to this! even Ford garages do not seem to have a cure or knowledge of the cause of this dangerous occurrence. Does ANYONE have the answer???? Without ' try this / try that/ and if it's not that it could be this !!!!!! All expensive attempts!
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