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  1. I think I've cocked up here. The county court that issued the CCj and then final CO has shut down. It is now merged in to another court. I just sent the form to my local county court. Is this wrong ? Thanks Megan
  2. I'll chase up. Its been 10 days. How long do courts normally take to acknowledge ? Regards Megan
  3. Hi People Just a quick update. Had a letter from Reston's saying you need to send us an I&E by 3rd January or else they will have to refer the matter back to court for enforcement which will be Order For Sale. Considering I have been paying this every month voluntarily for two years and reduced it by £5K as well ! Does that mean my N245 application has been declined by them ? Must admit bit of panic has set in again. Any advise or is just a scare letter ? Thanks Megan
  4. Thanks Guys. N245 will be completed !
  5. Thanks CitizenB Is it best to fill in the I&E you have kindly sent me AND the I&E section on the N245 ? As Andy pointed out if I send to Restons they will forever be questioning it so I think I will apply straight to court and let court inform them. Also when I spoke to this guy from Restons they said I had to document fully what my xmas expenditure would be over the next month i.e. Presents for my two children etc. Do I just tell court this instead ? Do I need to keep receipts ? Thanks Megan
  6. Thanks Andy I'll do exactly that. In your experience, would it be considered a good thing to try and sort the monthly payment with Reston's first ? (Although I am thinking by doing that I still don't get the protection further down the line from the court setting it etc) Megan
  7. That's going to be the problem Andy. My family have been helping me out and chipping in where they can so the amount I have been paying is more than I can repay on my own. They cant help forever and its my debt not theirs. That's why I want to vary the amount to something I can realistic pay based on my I&E. Would I just tell the judge that family have been helping hence a higher amount has been paid ?
  8. Thanks for your time Andy that's exactly what I am trying to do. Do you think the fact that I have been paying 'unofficially' to reduce the debt will look positive and help in my case ? What would be the course of action if Restons reject the offer and overrule it. I cant see them agreeing to it as they know it means they cant force a sale if I stick to it. They loose out. Megan
  9. Ah Thanks guys. That's what I mean ! Yes it was a forthwith CCJ then went to Charging Order Full. I want to try and vary the forthwith order to fixed monthly amounts. Is it possible after 4 years considering the debt is now a charging order ? Thanks Megan
  10. Hello Andy Thanks for helping. I'm getting a bit muddled now ! Do I need to ask the court to vary the payment method / amount on the original judgement ? Is that still N245 ? Can I still do that after 4 years ? Thanks Megan
  11. Hello Everyone I have just looked at Form N245 and think it may be the wrong form. At the CCJ or Charging Order hearing no mention of paying back was discussed. Therefore I cannot complete N245 as I haven't an original order to vary the payments on. Does this make sense ? I am wanting to set an order in the first place if that is possible or should I contact Restons with their I&E and see if they accept my offer first. Just scared to ring them that's all. I'd rather a court decided rather than them as they frighten me. Thanks Megan
  12. Sorry to be dizzy but what's a instalment order s93 ?
  13. Hi Ford Do you know how I would go about this ? Thanks Megan
  14. Thanks for your replies everyone. The original CCJ was obtained fairly I believe. No PPI to reclaim sadly. It was a HFC credit card. No money order, no repayment terms. It was a CCJ which was forthwith. As I couldn't pay straight away it was a forthwith CCJ which then resulted in the Charging Order Final. No arrangement to pay was mention st the Charging Order hearing either. Along with family helping I've managed to repay varying amounts back over the years. I'm wanting now to try fix a monthly amount and then stick to it so i get that protection. I thought about try
  15. Hello Everyone I am hoping to serif anyone can advise me please ? Background - credit card debt £20K, CCJ obtained forthwith, Interim then Full Charging Order granted all in 2011 by Restons I didn't attend CCJ hearing but did attend Charging Order hearing. No repayment terms were set at CCJ or Charging Order hearing. I have so far repaid back £4K so debt outstanding is now £16K. Not heard anything from Restons in 4yrs. My question - Recently had a letter from Restons wanting a full I&E etc. They say it's to make sure affordable and realistic payments ar
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