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  1. Good afternoon, slight update as after a couple of months I received an email out of the blue saying that the client has now revised the charges as saying: 3 x £9.99 outstanding £25 admin fees £66.50 CRS fees 2 x £26 tracing fees Total = £132.47 (they forgot to add the extra tracing fee) Of course I am going to reject this, what's the chances of them issuing a claim?
  2. Quick update, received email this morning saying they are awaiting further instructions from the client and also a detailed breakdown of the charges. Is this the likely stage that they will not go any further forward or am I to expect further emails before they drop it?!
  3. Hi Slick, I have to admit I honestly didn't see any reference to collection of charges/admin charges within the agreement at the time as I did read it head to toe including cancellation fees/charges. I will however take your word for it as it has been some time years since signing up and you are clearly more knowledgeable on me than this So your saying admin charges are a secondary mechanism than a core term? but I would then have to raise the charges as being unfair, and not always guaranteed to be found unfair? I'll send off the letter tomorrow and see what happens from there.
  4. Thanks bazooka @slick October 2014 signed up August 2013 prior to opening of the gym so I think my first payment actually came out in August was on a 12 month contract rolling month after that - signed up with friend at the time who can verify.
  5. Hi Slick, the DD was cancelled in November after realising they took another payment, so notice given in October which was paid and then a further payment in November. Either way I see it, notice was given and for arguments sake they can have the 9.99 for November regardless of whether they were entitled to it. Can you explain a bit further on the unlawful and unenforceable admin charges as a penalty? Obviously they have to be reasonable in order to be deemed fair but wonder if anything like this has gone to court and has been judged on as being unfair, also there was nothing in the orig
  6. Small update, received an email today from Spratt Endicott confirming the following: 1. £104.97 in outstanding gym charges 2. £66.50 CRS debt collection charge 3. £72.00 Tracing charge Of course I won't be looking to pay any of those charges or anything near it! I vaguely recall being told that the gym charges were 3 months worth however my monthly payments were £9.99 p/m so they have that incorrect for starters! EDIT: What's the argument on these debt collection/admin charges being reasonable?
  7. Letter emailed to the file handler this morning, I'll post a letter today also. Will now wait and see what their response is Thanks slick
  8. Hi slick, appreciate your comments but if they did commence proceedings then I would at least have an argument and point of reference. I understand from other threads they seem to drop it once I tell them I am disputing it but I would like to cover my back and in any case I would still like to know what the charges are for. This puts the ball firmly back in their court - I cannot defend something if i don't know how they have been calculated! but i will amend and add in this point thank you
  9. Thoughts on the below? --------------- SENT BY POST AND EMAIL TO: Dear Sir or Madam, Your reference: I acknowledge your letter dated 13 November 2015, your comments are noted. Your Client’s claim of an alleged outstanding balance of £243.85 is wholly unwarranted. Despite repeated attempts to obtain a breakdown of the charges I have so far been unsuccessful. Therefore, please provide me with an itemised summary of the alleged debt. In any event, I deny that the balance is owed to your Client and I have followed the correct procedure in cancelling my membership w
  10. Hi Slick thanks for getting back to me, first letter sent out was in October (I believe it was before October's payment was due but could be wrong) and then also followed up in November when they took further payment - I think the Liverpool Gym opened around September time. As for a copy of the cancellation letter yes I do somewhere, there is a few email chains in which X4L said they'd sort it out asap but failed to do so. I shall knock something up today/this evening and report back.
  11. Thanks for that, the link doesn't seem to be working for me? maybe its my end. Well I do know it was a rolling contract after 12 months so I'm not sure why they would try to do that. Anyway, I shall write up a letter tomorrow on this!
  12. Hello, Thought I could do with some advice, which I have an idea anyway but would like to make sure from the people with more knowledge on this. So, couple years back maybe around 2013ish signed up to the new Gym in Liverpool pre-opening, offered the £9.99 12 month contract. All is fine fine until around October/November when I wrote a letter informing them I have now moved and wished to cancel giving 1 months' notice. They then took another payment out which I sent a further letter asking why a payment was taken but no response. cancelled DD after that so no furt
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